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Thor 4: Jane Foster claims the hammer Mjöllnir in Love and Thunder on video!


news culture Thor 4: Jane Foster claims the hammer Mjöllnir in Love and Thunder on video!

In a little over a month, Thor and Jane Foster will have to face Gorr, the terrible godslayer incarnated by a physically transformed Christian Bale as usual. Among the great expectations around this film, there is Mighty Thor, played by Natalie Portman.

It is towards the character of Jane Foster that all eyes turn, because it is the latter who will wield Mjöllnir, the famous hammer. A notable event, which occurs in part because Natalie Portmann had declared that she would only return if his character gained momentum.

The appearance of Mighty Thor

Reconstituted despite its destruction in thor ragnarokthe latter arrived in the hands of the former companion of the godwhich has long since surpassed his status as a human being. For his part, Thor seems to be back in top form,armed with Stormbreaker, a huge, extremely powerful ax, but we feel that he would like to wield Mjöllnir again. In the latest trailer for the film, we see Jane Foster dressed as Mighty Thor, ready to do battle with the hammer in hand. As it was cut, this extract did not make it possible to know in what context the scene was unfolding.

Finally, thanks at the MTV Awards, we were entitled to a little extra, allowing us to better understand the sequence. The scene is therefore reunion between Jane and Thor, but the thunder god didn’t seem ready to cross paths with Jane. We thus see Mjöllnir coming back to him, which triggers strong emotions in the Nordic god. The hammer, which he thought was lost and destroyed, has therefore been reconstructed, even though it bears the scars of Hela’s acts. But as Thor is about to grab it again, the hammer comes to life and flies into the hand of Jane Foster, who appears dressed in her Mighty Thor costume.

Is Thor passing the torch?

The integration of Mighty Thor has greatly intrigued MCU fans. We know the character, but a lot saw in this arrival a form of passing the torch between Thor and Mighty Thor. Theories that have reached the ears of Taïka Waititi, who recently had fun :

It’s really fun to have this idea of ​​a Thor who has Stormbreaker, this big axe, and to see his hammer back in the hands of someone else. It’s not his hammer anymore. There is the idea of ​​someone taking his place. I think a lot of fans are potentially going to assume that “Oh, okay, it’s the passing of the torch…” I’m not aware of any Marvel plans, but I don’t think it is the case.

It remains to be seen how Mighty Thor will fit into this great fresco of the MCUand how Thor: Love & Thunder will take place within phase 4. Remember that this phase is that of the multiverse, open in Spider-Man: No Way Home and explored in Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The link could be on the side of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which will appear in the film. One can also wonder if Gorr, the slayer of the gods, acts alone or if he is in the pay of Kang the Conquerorthe new great threat of the Universe.

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