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Syberia The World Before: a major postponement announced


Game news Syberia The World Before: a major postponement announced

The publisher Microïds announces at the last minute an important postponement, since it mentions several additional months of waiting before getting its hands on Syberia: The World Before.

Syberia, a license that traces its path

The Syberia license has been rolling its way into the video game world for almost 20 years, with the arrival of its first opus in 2002 on PC. A point-and-click adventure game created by Benoît Sokal, the sequel to the adventures of his heroine Kate Walker saw the light of day with the second episode Syberia II two years later, while Syberia III was only released in 2017, after several postponements. That same year, the first two opus to arrive on Switch allowed the license to find its audience before the release of number 3, but also to expand it by making the trilogy accessible to owners of a Nintendo Switch.

A surprise postponement

Syberia The World Before: a major postponement announced

A few days before the release of the fourth opus on PC – scheduled for December 10 – publisher Microids creates a surprise by announcing through a press release an indefinite postponement, but still scheduled for ” beginning of 2022 “, more precisely for the first quarter of the year. This is all the more unexpected as the publisher has recently expressed his certainty of being able to deliver Syberia: The World Before on the scheduled date. However, the game seems to need a little more time to refine itself: Microïds indicates in its press release its desire to provide a game that meets its ambitions, describing this fourth opus as a major episode for the series.

It is important to us to improve this gaming experience of which we are already very proud. We want to be able to offer an immersive adventure, faithful to the universe of Benoit Sokal, which will transport you. It therefore seems necessary to us today, to allow ourselves a little more time in order to finalize the development calmly.

We will still have to wait to discover the rest of Kate Walker’s story. Microïds did not however indicate if this postponement would allow the game to see the light of day simultaneously on our consoles and our PCs, knowing that initially a lag was planned, but this postponement should also postpone the console releases to a later date.

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