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Sony formalizes the acquisition of a new studio to develop PS5 exclusives


Business news Sony formalizes the acquisition of a new studio to develop PS5 exclusives

Without warning, Sony has just announced that the PlayStation Studios family will grow with the arrival of a newcomer. A surprise revelation which proves, once again, Sony’s desire to strengthen its control in the video game industry to develop, ever more, new licenses exclusive to its platforms.

Jim Ryan had warned us, the development of Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation Studios was going to continue for a long time! But until now, difficult to really know which studios the firm intended to set its sights on. However, it was through the voice of PlayStation Studios director Hermen Hulst that the news broke: its name might not ring a bell at first, but its impact and contributions to video games have made this studio a renowned company in the industry.

The Valkyrie Profile

Once again, although we do not know the exact amount of this acquisition, Sony opened the floodgates of its bank account to grant yourself exclusive services a video game development studio who made himself known, in the middle, thanks to its reinforcements on many large productions stamped PlayStation such as God of War or inFamous.

If the studio has mastered more than a hundred titles, it is now a new chapter being written for it since its partnership with Sony has just taken on a whole new dimension. The studio in question? Valkyrie Entertainment. Herman Hulst’s announcement came with a few comments and he was full of praise for the quality and know-how of which the studio has the secret : ” Valkyrie Entertainment is a highly adaptable and respected studio that has produced high quality work on a variety of platforms, from console to PC, and in styles ranging from action to game as a service.

Help develop PS5 exclusives

Obviously, this acquisition is motivated by the desire to create more and more new franchises exclusive to the PS5, but Sony seems to have an idea in mind behind this takeover. Indeed, the Seattle-based studio has often worked as a service provider and support other development teams.

The studio’s credo? Being able to offer a ” expert assistance “And” high quality standards To its customers, and it is precisely this reputation and this expertise that convinced the manufacturer to consolidate this relationship between them. Now under the leadership of Sony, Valkyrie Entertainment will continue this work like Nixxes Software, one of the previous acquisitions of the Japanese firm.

Regarding the turn of this new partnership, Hermen Hulst announces, for his part, that thevarious abilities of Valkyrie will be welcomed by all teams at PlayStation Studioswhile Joakim Wejdemar, President and Founder of Valkyrie Entertainment, admits delightto expand and contribute to the portfolio of incredible games available to PlayStation fans “.

Sony formalizes the acquisition of a new studio to develop PS5 exclusives