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PUBG announces its new business model, for the better?


Game news PUBG announces its new business model, for the better?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will become free-to-play on all platforms as of January 12. We learned about it via a trailer released at the Game Awards.

PUBG is almost already a classic, as the title of Krafton has marked in recent years, becoming one of the flagship of the battle-royale genre. Like many of its ilk, the game will go free-to-play on all platforms on January 12.

Free to PUBG

If DayZ and H1Z1 are older, PUBG is clearly the game that blew up the battle-royale genre before Fortnite became the phenomenon we know. But unlike Epic Games with Fortnite, Activision-Blizzard with Call of Duty: Warzone or Electronic Arts with Apex Legends, Krafton never wanted to switch to the free-to-play model because the success of the game was already there, even paying off. This is about to change so, five years after its launch.


PUBG free-to-play will offer paid cosmetic items, but not only. An account upgrade, dubbed Battlegrounds Plus, will now give access to classified games, to custom parties, Has special items, and more. The Battlegrounds Plus will be included in the Memorial Pack offered to all players who bought the game previously, and will be available for purchase by those new to PUBG with the free-to-play model. the Battlegrounds Plus will cost them 12.99 euros.

PUBG will go free-to-play on December 12, on PC and consoles.

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