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PC game news: Kena, Deathloop, Psychonauts 2 … the best single player experiences of 2021


Game news PC: Kena, Deathloop, Psychonauts 2 … the best solo experiences of 2021

Who Said Single-Player Is Dead? On the contrary, far from having said its last word, it is still in full force and if it is often adorned with a multiplayer component, this is not its main purpose. This year again, many games have made their mark on PC (and on other platforms) so here is a recap of those that have proven to be unmissable this year.

Amplitude has become widely known with its Endless saga, which has declined the 4X in a very beautiful way and which has managed to make it (almost) accessible, without neglecting its depth. With Humankind, the French studio is returning to a more classic environment, since it is the fate of humanity that you will have to take charge of. Fairly open to novices, the game is nonetheless complete and has refreshing mechanics for the genre.

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If there is a cult license in the RTS universe, it is Age of Empires. The fourth episode will have taken its time before seeing the light of day, but it is there and it did not disappoint. With very exciting campaigns, a very comprehensive tactical component and a more modern approach to maps, much more vertical, the title does justice to its heritage and should delight newcomers as veterans of the franchise.

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After a first episode clearly cut out for a general public experience, Frontier returns with Jurassic World Evolution 2. If the game does not quite succeed in fulfilling its mission to expand its micromanagement component, it benefits from a few additions capable of pleasantly renewing the experience of the first part. In addition, you can try to rewrite the history of the films by taking part in rather well thought-out dedicated missions.

Years after a cult first episode, Psychonauts came back to life with a second episode that clearly did not disappoint. Enchanting universes, a lot of originality in all the worlds crossed, terribly endearing and funny characters … so many qualities to be credited to the title of Double Fine, which marks a great comeback for Raz and his friends.

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Described by our dear Jika as “arguably one of the best virtual reality action games currently available on the Oculus Quest”, Resident Evil 4 changes our relationship to the gaming experience thanks to the first person view . A real immersion success, very modular to satisfy a large audience, this VR iteration of RE 4 is essential if you have a headset from the Oculus range.

If you’re craving a turn-based RPG that shines brilliantly in its scrupulous adherence to D&D rules, Solasta: Crown of the Magister may be for you. Considered as an alternative to what Larian was able to do with Divinity Original Sin, Solasta is a very complete RPG that shines with its tactical clashes and original dungeons.

A real surprise out of a little nowhere, Kena Bridge of Spirits was a real breath of fresh air in the action-adventure game. Besides its completely charming universe, and the adorable little creatures that inhabit it, Kena is also an action game that is solid on its feet, more demanding than it appears and which will test your skills.

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If you appreciate the claw of Tim Buron who knows how to develop very identifiable universes, Lost in Random could well make an eye on you. Studio Zoink has teamed up with the EA Originals program to release this strange title which benefits from an exquisite universe, a neat sound environment, a rich narration and thoughtful fights. A beautiful walk in an atypical world that marked the end of the year 2021.

This is a great success story for this game which was originally just a Skyrim mod. Developed by a very small team, The Forgotten City immerses you in the heart of a Roman city, where a mystery must be unraveled. This is good, because this mystery is linked to the fact that you find yourself in these places, stuck in a time loop without being able to return to contemporary times. A beautiful vision of the genre, for an investigation with multiple possibilities, which makes this title a nice surprise this year.

If Eidos has essentially forged its solid reputation thanks to Deus Ex, it is on the licensed game that it was found this year with Guardians of the Galaxy. Retaining the studio’s narrative tradition, the title does justice to the franchise from which it comes, and develops endearing characters and humor that often hits the mark. With its solid lifespan, choices and consequences, Eidos Montreal’s latest addition offers a great solo experience, for Marvel fans and others.

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Subnautica was a real surprise when it was released. In the saturated world of survival games, generally multiplayer and sandbox, the title of Unknown Worlds Entertainment offered a universe made by hand and with a solid and discreet narrative. Subnautica Below Zero takes over the bases of the first episode by transposing them into a frozen universe. If the effect of surprise is no longer there, the pleasure taken in discovery and exploration remains intact.

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Adventure game with a strong artistic direction, Eastward is a little-known nugget, developed by Pixpill, based in Shanghai. A real favorite of the editorial staff, Eastward enjoys a DA and a sumptuous universe, a very well-conducted rhythm, varied fights and a striking finale. While not free from flaws, Eastward is a must-try solo experience.

Agent 47 had a facelift with Hitman, who had taken the license to a new sphere of infiltration. Released at the beginning of the year, Hitman 3 was the synthesis of all the best in the field. Through environments as neat as they are varied, the infiltration and execution missions have a very controlled sandbox aspect. With an adjustable difficulty allowing the most pros of assassins to embark on a mission without any clue, Hitman 3 is to date the best in terms of infiltration. Unavoidable.

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