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Nintendo Switch bargain news: the pair of Joy-Con on sale before Christmas


Good plan news Nintendo Switch: the pair of Joy-Con on sale before Christmas

A true planetary cardboard box, the Nintendo Switch will once again be one of the stars of Christmas and undoubtedly the best-selling console for the holidays. The ideal opportunity to acquire a second pair of Joy Con and thus play up to 4 players all the hits of the favorite console of families. Normally sold by Nintendo around 90 €, the pair of Joy-Con is traded at Amazon for less than 65 euros.

No offense to complainers and haters, the official price of Joy-Con is still displayed by Nintendo and in many stores at 89.99 €. And even if they are regularly found on sale at prices varying between 65 and 75 euros, it is always an interesting promotion to equip yourself with an additional pair or to replace a faulty, lost controller (if that happens) or even for decorate the house.

Buy Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch for 64 € at Amazon

For parents a little lost who read us and who plan to buy a Switch for their children at Christmas, know that it comes standard with a pair of Joy-Con. These two Joy-Con can be used in several ways. The most common is to use one in each hand, much like the Wii except that there is no wire connecting them together. We therefore have even greater freedom of movement than with the Wii.

The second way to use the Joy-Con is to connect them to the controller holder offered with it to make a real controller that you can hold with both hands, as we have been used to having for decades. Finally, the last option is to use each Joy-Con individually as a small stand-alone controller with all the necessary functions. It is the preferred solution for family multiplayer games such as the new Mario Party Superstars, Mario Tennis Aces or the timeless Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

With two pairs of Joy-Con, play 4 as a family Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Mario Party Superstars

If the biggest players tend to favor the excellent Switch Pro controller (for its comfort and precision in particular), the Joy-Con will be particularly suitable for occasional players on the one hand, but also and above all to benefit from all the small subtleties implemented by Nintendo. In games like Mario Party Superstars, Wario Ware: Get it Together for example or the Zelda: Skyward Sword HD remake, it is really advisable, or even essential to play with Joy-Con to fully enjoy these games.

Of course, the Joy-Con are compatible with all versions of Switch, the classic, the OLED and even the Lite to play with several people.

Officially sold at a price of 89.99 €, the Joy-Con Blue & Red, Blue & Yellow or even Purple & Orange are traded for only € 64.90 at Amazon.

Buy Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch for 64 € at Amazon

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