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Medical error: she amputates the bad leg of her patient, the condemned Austrian surgeon


She realized this medical error two days after the operation. The patient has since died.

An error which should have been avoided and which is cold in the back. A surgeon made a mistake during an amputation procedure by last may in a clinic Freistadt in Austria.

As in all surgical operations of this type, the surgeon, 43 years old, had marked the limb to be amputated to avoid any error. But that’s when she got deceived and put the mark on the wrong thigh.

She amputated the right leg instead of the left

Result instead of the left leg, she amputated the right leg of the patient, as reported by Spiegel. And she didn’t realize his mistake only two days after the amputation when changing the dressing.

His patient was 82 years old, he has since died.

A “human error”

During her trial, the surgeon pleaded “human error”, but she has denied having been “negligent”.

She had argued a failure in the operating theater chain of control.

The regional court in Linz in northern Austria on Wednesday 1 December sentenced the doctor for “grossly negligent injury” to a fine ofe 2,700 euros, half of which suspended and 5,000 euros in damages which it will have to pay to the patient’s widow.

Both the doctor and the prosecution can now appeal the decision.

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