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Marvel: A 5-star cast for the Secret Invasion series!


Culture news Marvel: A 5-star cast for the Secret Invasion series!

Disney has really big plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has never been hiding from them. One of the series in preparation Secret Invasion, has just revealed the big part of its cast.

More than ever, Disney’s appetite seems insatiable. Now that 20th Century Fox is his own, and the firm has taken over franchises like the X-Men (including Deadpool), it goes without saying that the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks bright. Moreover, the terrible increase in the budget allocated to film and series productions in 2021 seems underline the considerable effort of Mickey… which really does not go dead hand.

Among the very interesting projects of the MCU, we can happily cite the return of Blade, the intriguing arrival of She-Hulk or even Secret Invasion, whose cast has just completed with the announcement of a well-known figure in the community.

Who will be in Secret Invasion?

Cobie Smulders

Marvel: A 5-star cast for the Secret Invasion series!

Let’s start off with the most recent announcement, made just this week: Marvel has confirmed the integration of Cobie Smulders into Secret Invasion, who will reprise her role as Maria Hill. Present for ages in the MCU, the one who occupies the post of Deputy CEO of SHIELD and who turns out to be the right arm of Nick Fury should undoubtedly have a more important place: “finally”, we want to say, she who had a few minutes of presence each time at best in the different films.

Samuel L. Jackson

Marvel: A 5-star cast for the Secret Invasion series!

Should we still present it? The legendary actor will once again take on his iconic role of Nick Fury in Secret Invasion, and for good reason: he should be the main character. Great news for the head of SHIELD, who was behind the creation of the Avengers and the cornerstone of the MCU. The Disney + series will be a way to dig a little deeper into his character, something already well underway in Captain Marvel.

Emilia clarke

Marvel: A 5-star cast for the Secret Invasion series!

Mega-star since Game of Thrones, the interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Secret Invasion. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it could not be more official, no details were given on his precise role. It would be hard to see her slip into the shoes of a supervillain, but you never know …

Ben mendelsohn

Marvel: A 5-star cast for the Secret Invasion series!

Often known to occupy the roles of deceitful characters or, generally, not very sympathetic, Ben Mendelsoh, will be well present in Secret Invasion. For the occasion, he will play Thalos again (and not Thanos, we specify), the shapeshifter Skrull who came to lend a hand to Nick Fury. A rather fun and endearing character who should gain popularity.

Olivia colman

Marvel: A 5-star cast for the Secret Invasion series!

The Crown, Broadchurch, The Favorite: Olivia Colman’s acting talent is well established and she too will be part of the famous Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the other hand, we do not know what place the 47-year-old British actress will take, nor her precise role. On the other hand, all we know is that she will be a formidable spy, at least as talented as a certain Nick Fury.

Kingsley Ben-Adir

Marvel: A 5-star cast for the Secret Invasion series!

The big bad will be him! The English actor, who has already been seen in Peaky Blinders, The OA or Love Life, will serve as the main antagonist in Secret Invasion. How, what, where, that, however, we do not yet know. Maybe he’ll be a Skrull and we won’t even recognize his face …

What is the story of Secret Invasion?

Secret Invasion will be inspired by the comics of the same name and will explore the infiltration of the Skrull, an alien species capable of adopting any organic form or inserting itself into civilizations. Present in the comics since 1962, they are represented for the first time in the cinema in the film Captain Marvel, released in 2019. They are notably hunted by the Kree people to whom they wage an infinite war.

The Disney + series will therefore explore the invasion of the Skrulls within humanity: it remains only to see if they will be portrayed as enemies to be destroyed, as allies or a bit of both. Unfortunately, we will have to take our troubles patiently since the project is not expected on the SVOD platform in 2022 at the earliest (understand by this that 2023 is also a probable release year).

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