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Life is Strange True Colors: the magic happens on Nintendo Switch


Game news Life is Strange True Colors: the magic happens on Nintendo Switch

The latest iteration of Square Enix’s narrative license was released last September on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. What about the Nintendo Switch? This version requiring more work, it was expected by the end of the year. And that’s good, because here we are!

Go to the Nintendo Switch

It’s done ! Life is Strange: True Colors is available on Nintendo Switch (and has been since December 7th). Note, however, that this is only the dematerialized version available on Nintendo eShop. For players who favor copies in physics, it will be necessary to wait February 25, 2022.

This Switch version displays optimized visuals and adapted performance to the Nintendo console. As Jon Brooke, Co-Studio Manager at Square Enix External Studios, said:

This is the most advanced game in the franchise, so it was important to maintain excellent graphics, performance and optimizations when bringing the game to a new platform. We are thrilled with the results achieved with the Switch version and we look forward to seeing our wonderful community grow with this new release.

The idea is to leave the possibility for players to take advantage of this journey into the realm of emotions and empathy anywhere. It is therefore possible now. The opportunity for Nintendo players to discover a relatively well received game, and even rewarded.

One of the major games of the year?

This opus, developed this time by Deck Nine Games, recently received the Golden Stick award for Best Narration. A consecration for this narrative saga which relies heavily on its stories and its way of telling them. As a reminder, this last story follows the young Alex Chen, able to absorb and manipulate the emotions of the people around her. A power that she has difficulty in mastering but that she decides to exploit in order to find out what happened to her brother, who died in a car accident, according to the official version.

And it may not be over, since Life is Strange: True Colors is alsot nominated for the Game Awards, and in several categories. The game is indeed vying for the price of the Best interpretation, from Best scenario and Impact play. To see if this new opus will manage to win these three prizes, it is also this evening that it happens. On the other hand, you will have to give up your good night’s sleep to follow them. Indeed, with us the event will begin at 2 a.m. The HelloSolar.info editorial team invites you to follow the event live with us on the Twitch channel. LeStream.

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