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Hollow Knight Silksong: new information soon?


Game news Hollow Knight Silksong: new information soon?

By dint of false hopes, the sequel to Team Cherry’s nugget had become a sort of Arlesian. Over the Nintendo Direct and other Indie Worlds, we gradually resigned ourselves to no longer waiting for announcements about it. What if the time had finally come to learn more about Hollow Knight: Silksong?

It all starts with an update

Hollow Knight … Here is a game that marked its time. Between its artistic direction, its atmosphere and its gameplay, the title has established itself as one of the best Metroidvania ever created. So when Team Cherry announced that they were working on an expansion, which will ultimately become a new opus, players were naturally impatient. We can no longer count the number of times we hoped to see Hollow Knight: Silksong in the middle of a conference, without ever this wish being fulfilled.

Hollow Knight Silksong: new information soon?

But when all hope seemed lost, a small detail came to put a part back in the machine. A Reddit user has indeed noticed a small change on the game’s GOG page: the latter has just been updated. If it can be simply due to a change of tags or any other small detail, some see it proof of an imminent announcement. We are not going to lie to each other, there is nothing there to put our hand to cut, far from it. But nonetheless, a few coincidences rekindle the flame of hope.

Hollow Knight Silksong: new information soon?Hollow Knight Silksong: new information soon?

An upcoming announcement? (Game Awards …)

As Gaming Bolt points out, the Game Awards will be held in a few hours. A ceremony full of rewards, of course, but above all announcements. From there to saying that there is a link between this update and potential information that would be revealed during tonight’s event, there is only one step. However, one Reddit user hinted that this update will be common to all GOG games. But for the sake of optimism, there is one more reason to think announcements should be around the corner.

Hollow Knight Silksong: new information soon?

According to rumors from last September, the game should be released shortly. The leaks of the Nvidia GeForce Now database indeed indicated a release date for Silksong: February 1, 2022. Note that these leaks were particularly correct for Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. In addition, in February 2022, Hollow Knight first of the name will celebrate its fifth anniversary. The perfect opportunity to release a second opus, isn’t it? Sure, this should be taken with a grain of salt, especially with this real Arlésienne, expected each time without this materializing.

Whatever happens, Silksong or not Silksong, we can only encourage you to follow with us the Game Awards ceremony which is announced no matter what happens rich in announcements. Appointment from 1:30 am to follow the event live with us on the Twitch channel LeStream.