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Harry Potter: Secrets of Dumbledore soon revealed? The film Fantastic Beasts 3 is on video!


Culture news Harry Potter: Secrets of Dumbledore soon revealed? The film Fantastic Beasts 3 is on video!

It is all in nostalgia and in homage that Warner Bros. is currently celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the magical saga, Harry Potter. Within a video in the vein of current extracts, the next installment of Fantastic Beasts invites you to unravel, and this very soon, the secrets of one of the most illustrious wizards in the universe of JK Rowling, namely Albus Dumbledore.

Review the three emblematic actors of the Harry Potter saga, namely Rupert Grint (Ron), Emma Watson (Hermione) and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), finally gathered around the same table and twenty years after the release of the first part in dark rooms do not make us younger. For more than twenty years, the film franchise has rocked the popular culture of many spectators who have become ardent fans of the universe imagined by the British author.

If the main saga, in this case Harry potter, ended more than ten years ago in two parts, in 2010 and 2011, retracing the ultimate clash against Voldemort and his army, the universe has never ceased to exist thanks to the spin-off Fantastic Beasts. Moreover, this derivative saga is about to inaugurate a first glimpse of the third film which will invite us to unravel the mysterious secrets of the mentor of the sorcerer with the emblematic scar.

A strong tribute to the magical world of films

As part of the festivities dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, Warner Bros unsheathed a video that smacks of nostalgia and memories of yesteryear. At the time, the three main characters were not the only ones to discover Hogwarts Castle with amazement since millions of spectators were also drawn into this enchanting universe which won everything at the box office with a hallucinating score of over $ 1 billion in revenue.

Since then, the fervor around the universe has never been empty: on the contrary, it seems to be growing steadily as new generations discover the adaptation of JK Rowling’s works. Regardless of its medium – book, theater, cinema screen – the saga brings together and continues to amaze those it meets and It is in a tribute to those who made its success that Warner Bros. invites them to live new magical adventures.

Dumbledore, the center of attention

Indeed, the last third of the video posted on the Warner Bros. YouTube account. France does mention new adventures because Fantastic Beasts is about to unveil a first trailer for the third installment, titled Secrets of Dumbledore, slated for theatrical release in April 2022. In the few clips at the end of the video, we find the usual cast and a Dumbledore, camped by actor Jude Law, in the prime of his life, on the verge of facing a terrible threat.

According to the mighty wizard, the world is about to turn upside down and be the scene of catastrophic events, but the famous mage will not let such things happen and counts well, surrounded by his faithful allies who will owe him. trust blindly, turn the tide. Spectacular, these first extracts are sufficiently intriguing to closely follow the revelation of the trailer for this third installment, scheduled for this Monday!

Harry Potter: Secrets of Dumbledore soon revealed? The film Fantastic Beasts 3 is on video!