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Halo: The Paramount + series video teases its presence at the Game Awards!


Culture news Halo: The Paramount + series video teases its presence at the Game Awards!

On the night of Thursday to Friday, night owls will be able to follow the Game Awards live. Many games should be presented there, others will be rewarded. But the event will also be the occasion to discover the official trailer of a series eagerly awaited by the players.

Little is known about the script for the Halo television series, but we do know that it will air on the SVOD service. Paramount + and that the nine episodes making up season 1 will be directed by Otto Bathurst. The role of Major has been entrusted to Pablo schreiber, who will don the iconic Spartan-117 armor. Kiki Wolfkill, responsible for coordinating cross-media development for Halo, wants the series reach fans wherever they are in the world, suggesting that distribution agreements will be found for accessibility in France.

Rendezvous Thursday morning, before sunrise

A few days ago, a first glimpse was unveiled, but we are still waiting for the first trailer in due form. Kiki Wolfkill then declared that she would not have broadcast such a teaser if nothing more concrete was not approaching, and that we would be entitled to a full trailer at the Game Awards ceremony.

Today, the teasing continues with a very short video, on which we see a hangar and a Pelican, UNSC soldiers and a Spartan with the number 125. According to the current license lore, this number corresponds to Novel, a Spartan II deployed around 2525. This corresponds to the few clues left here and there, indicating that the series would take place in the 26th century. In any case, the appointment is made for the broadcast of the first trailer of the series announced 8 years ago! A ceremony that falls very well, since it will follow very closely the release of Halo Infinite on PC, Xbox Series and Xbox One, Game Pass included.

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