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Halo Infinite in the open world: our take on the adventures of Master Chief


Game news Halo Infinite in the open world: our take on the adventures of Master Chief

Less than three weeks ago, we gave you our thoughts on the start of the Halo Infinite campaign. We were cheerful by the gameplay of the software and found that the new, more open formula suited him well. However, we had some questions about the main quest. Is she captivating? Does it bring various objectives? Does it offer unforgettable moments? After all these years of feverishly awaiting this solo that blew hot and cold since its announcement, we now have it in our hands. Better than that, we finished it on Heroic. So, is this a winning comeback for Master Chief? We try to answer this question in our test video.

Soldier, report

Nothing is going well for the UNSC. Master Chief fails to protect his brothers in arms aboard the UNSC Infinity. Catapulted out of the experimental ship, he hovers unconscious in space until a Pelican pilot retrieves him. Together, they will go to the Zeta Halo to quench the ardor of the Outcasts, a rebel faction led by bloodthirsty Brutes. A bit like the first Halo where the player began his game while an interplanetary conflict was in progress, Master Chief comes to his senses in the midst of war. Even if he does not have all the cards in his hand, he decides to do what he has always done: give hope to humanity.. Let’s be clear, Halo Infinite does not conclude the supposedly started trilogy with the fourth installment. On the contrary, the app pauses the resolution of certain problems and integrates new plots into the story. We will not reveal what happens during the campaign so as not to spoil the discovery. The story is pleasant to follow, the cutscenes are numerous, and the multiple audio files to unearth give information on the emblematic characters of the saga. Although the game is being sold as a sort of spiritual reboot, it is indeed the sequel to Halo 5. Those who have never played the series may have a hard time understanding certain details.

Craig, a distant memory?

What has garnered heavy criticism from Halo Infinite during its development comes from its technique. Since the gameplay demo aired at Xbox Showcase 2021, players have expressed doubts about the title’s graphics. What we can say, and as you will see in our test video, is that the visuals are patchy. We go from really pretty moments when the day goes down to less successful moments when the sun is at its zenith. What is important to emphasize is that the game remains fluid no matter what the circumstances., from 60fps to 120fps on the Xbox Series X | S depending on the TV. The textures are detailed. As for the interiors, Forerunners structures have a pleasant artistic direction. It’s simple, no frills, and it’s very readable. We especially regret the absence of different biomes that could have brightened up the exploration. The soundtrack is at the top.

In Master Chief’s helmet

By welcoming the Major with a big clash when he arrives on the ring, Halo Infinite emphasizes its strong point: the gameplay. At the risk of repeating ourselves from the preview, Halo’s gunplay is at its best. Weapons are plentiful, enemies have varying attacks, and everything reacts extremely well. Better, the grapple brings a significant plus both in combat and during the exploration phases. Halo has always been a sandbox game featuring semi-open arenas, a precise physics engine, and sophisticated artificial intelligence. But Infinite goes further by enriching each of these categories. Unfortunately, Marines can no longer pilot vehicles. When 343 Industries said they were inspired by the first Halo, we didn’t think they would go that far.

The Silent Cartographer 2.0

This new episode of the adventures of Master Chief could be schematized as a kind of great Silent Cartographer. This means that John-117 will multiply skirmishes on the surface while completing missions in the Forerunners basements. In its structure, Halo Infinite offers to accomplish main and secondary missions on a substantial map divided into large areas. The good side of the thing is that the player has a real freedom of action in the way he sees the resolution of the objectives.. The slightly less exciting aspect is that the structure is classic and relies on well-known levers to encourage exploration of the innards of the ring. Less spectacular than other Halos, Infinite lacks epic, scripted scenes. As for the main objectives, they also remain commonplace. They mainly serve as a pretext to develop the best strategies thanks to the elements unlocked with the points of bravery such as heavy weapons, flying vehicles, and more powerful marines.

Master Chief has come a long way! While everything suggested that his campaign would bear heavy marks of a tumultuous development, Halo Infinite manages to make John-117 so fun to play that it is difficult to let go of the pad once the epic begins. However, all is not perfect. The very classic open world formula does not manage to set up sequences as varied and epic as usual. We gain in freedom of action what we lose in spectacle. But the title of 343 Industries deserves all the time you can give it: it’s a very good Halo.