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GTA V, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Red Dead Redemption 2 … the 11 must-see open worlds


Game news GTA V, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Red Dead Redemption 2 … the 11 must-see open worlds

The video game has had a certain inclination for the open world in recent years, so much so that AAAs opting for a more corridor evolution have become greatly rare. However, the quality of some of them has enabled this approach to take a new turn and have a lasting impact on the industry in its open-world approach. This selection, which is not exhaustive, and which inevitably excludes many excellent open worlds, should however convince you to try out the games listed there, if you have not yet done so.

Is there still a need to present it? GTA V is a game released on 3 generations of machines, which has sold millions of copies and generated great fortunes for Rockstar and Take-Two. And we must recognize that the open world, inspired by the city of Los Angeles, is full of life, entertainment, and activities to do in parallel with a story that knows how to take advantage of the pen of Rockstar. Having refined over time and also enriched with mods on PC, the city of Los Santos is glaring with realism and is still a must-have when it comes to open-world games. Add to that an online mode that does not stop releasing updates and federating a particularly active community, and you will get one of the most striking games of recent years.

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Rockstar knows how to make open worlds, we know it and it is moreover not innocent if two games of the studio appear in this selection. Far from the urban spaces of the GTA saga, it is a return to the wild nature which is gradually industrializing that the Rockstar teams have chosen to stage in Red Dead Redemption 2. Absolutely magnificent from a point of view. From a technical point of view, with jaw-dropping light effects, Rockstar has also done painstaking work to give body and consistency to its universe. You will undoubtedly be able to miss small details which will evolve with time and which do not enter however in any main or secondary quest. Mastering both oral and environmental storytelling, Rockstar has brilliantly proven all its open world know-how with dizzying richness.

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Since Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls saga has taken a turn that has allowed it to open to a wider audience than hardcore PC RPG fans. Oblivion hit the nail on the head, but it was obviously Skyrim that won all the votes, and the game’s multiple re-appearances over the years are here to prove it. And we must recognize that Bethesda has succeeded, with this episode, to refine its formula to make it essential. With a very generous amount of content, tons of quests to complete, watches to face or dungeons to explore, Skyrim is still fully playable today, and if you can get it on PC, an army of mods will come. bring the aspect of the game up to date a little, knowing that his sense of aesthetics has not aged an inch.

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It might not be the game everyone would think of when discussing the most successful open worlds and yet Subnautica sets an example to follow when it comes to open world. Perhaps not as immense as the other games cited in these columns, the title plunges you, literally, into the depths of a handmade underwater world, which systematically knows how to reward exploration. With a great sense of the atmosphere, Subnautica knows how to vary the pleasures by alternating between oppression, fear and moments of wonder when one arrives in improbable depths, in front of a cave with lush fauna. A great adventure which can be explored above all vertically, and which marked a large number of people when it was released.

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Unmissable among the unmissable, acclaimed by the press and players, awarded a 20/20 in our columns, Breath of the Wild has, in its own way, reinvented the way open world should be thought of. In addition to the obvious qualities of gameplay, generosity of content, or artistic direction, the latest Zelda has succeeded in reinventing itself and taking the open world to another dimension, or making a vast universe is not just a an excuse to fill up, but on the contrary to constantly invite exploration, which knows how to be rewarded. Highly creative, Breath of the Wild can just as easily appeal to veterans of the cult franchise as it is an excellent gateway to this atypical universe.

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Like Breath of the Wild, The Witcher 3 redefined what would govern Western RPG codes in the open world for years to come. The Adventures of the Witcher have been broken down into 3 very different episodes, but the last installment of the CD Projekt saga was certainly the kick-start that the Polish studio intended to achieve. Superb, dense, dark and terribly inspired, the immense world of The Witcher 3 also knows how to vary the atmospheres, leading you in the most disturbing swamps as in the most impressive cities. Add to that a dark and very cleverly written adventure, and you have got a game that is simply must-have, whether for its open world or for its adventure itself.

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If the release of the game did not exactly live up to the excessive promises that surrounded its promotional campaign, No Man’s Sky is the most striking example that one can start from afar and manage to go up a slope that l ‘we thought insurmountable. By dint of updates, the Hello Games title has ended up going beyond its basic ambitions and becoming a very complete space exploration game, absolutely immense, and which constantly invites you to push your desire for exploration further. If the procedural generation will never reach the level of quality of a hand-crafted open world, that of No Man’s Sky does not have to be ashamed in the face of the competition, and offers a unique experience to occupy you. hundreds of hours if you subscribe to its sandbox principle.

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It’s hard to decide between the Arkham and Spider Man saga when it comes to evoking the most successful open worlds featuring superheroes, but we must recognize that the PS4 / PS5 episode is a success on many points . The Manhattan developed here is as beautiful as it is alive. The streets are bubbling and it’s a real pleasure to take control of our hero to see him twirl and reach the highest peaks of the city. In addition to its atmosphere, the many activities that are offered there guarantee a solid lifespan to this game which is really pleasant to play.

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This is a game that we do not necessarily think about since it is part of a normally niche register: Flight Simulator. And yet, with the latest episode to date, Asobo hit extremely hard by setting himself the bet to recreate planet Earth to scale, just that. And more than simple blocks of rough pixels, it is a photorealistic rendering to which you will be entitled and, as long as you have the machine capable of handling the load, you will be amazed at each of your flights. . The world is indeed yours in Flight Simulator, and the simple fact of being able to decide to go to any point of the globe comfortably seated in your chair makes this game a kind of UFO that it would be a shame not to not try.

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The Assassin’s Creed saga has seen quite a bit of turmoil, but has never been faulted in the way it creates splendid and cohesive open worlds. The turn made by Origins has allowed Ubisoft to dust off its formula, then to refine it with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which leaves Greece as your playground. Simply splendid, detailed, with varied atmospheres, the world of the game is frankly hypnotic, and constantly invites you to go and see what new environment is hidden behind this side quest that you did not bother to do.

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In a completely different register, Forza Horizon 5 is also a fine example of mastery of the open world, not so easy to implement for a racing game. Besides the fact that the title is a technological showcase and that Mexico reproduced here is as splendid as it is varied in its environments, this new Forza knows perfectly how to exploit the reliefs and the diversity of the places to create varied and exhilarating race tracks. Absolutely essential title of this year 2021, Forza Horizon 5 will be able to largely seduce fans of motorsport and novices in the field.

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