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Good deal news Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel … official Christmas sweaters are $ 14!


Good plan news Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel … official Christmas sweaters are $ 14!

Christmas is approaching and with it always comes the famous ugly sweaters that we proudly show off throughout the month of December until the family meal on New Year’s Eve. Pokémon, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel … the Zavvi site is full of officially licensed products. And as the holidays approach, Christmas sweaters (not necessarily ugly) are all on sale!

Harry Potter, Nintendo, Star Wars … the very large selection of official Christmas sweaters at discounted prices at Zavvi

That’s it, we are entering the Christmas season and its characteristic sweaters. We are not going to list all the models on sale: there are hundreds of them. Moreover, to find your way there, we strongly advise you to use the filter options present on Zavvi.

For example, if you are looking for a Rick and Morty sweater, there are 7 different ones on sale. Go to the filters, then click on “franchise” to see only those that interest you. You can imagine, on HelloSolar.info, we are quite fans of Zelda or Mario sweaters, but the selection goes much, much (much) further.

Remember that the products sold on Zavvi are all of high quality and above all official. The products you see there have been approved by the copyright holders. We know: brands like Nintendo don’t let just anyone play around with their image.

Let’s talk about the price now! While all Christmas sweaters are usually sold at $ 29.99 (this is also the price of some models such as Pokémon sweaters), the brand has launched a big special Christmas offer: 2 sweaters for .. . $ 28.99. Which amounts to $ 14.49 per sweater, a pretty crazy price. This is what to make a funny and nice Christmas gift for little money!

Buy “geek” Christmas sweaters from $ 14 on Zavvi

Seeing a product of this quality for only $ 14 is pretty crazy. Licensed clothing is always particularly neat, and very often this care comes at a high price. Not here.

Zavvi is the brand that bought Virgin. Without a store, Zavvi is not well known here, but it is one of the leaders in the UK entertainment market. They offer a very large selection of officially licensed merchandise from a bunch of popular licenses (One Piece, Marvel, Pokémon, Harry Potter etc.). The site is therefore reliable. Forget about low-end fakes.

Obviously, at this price point, don’t expect big 100% wool sweaters either. In terms of materials, we are on a fairly classic mix for a sweatshirt: 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The sweaters are relatively thick and the print is well made. Rest assured, there is absolutely no question of a crumbly low-end flocking from the first machine.

There are 2 cuts for each sweater: a “man” and a “woman”. If you are a woman (or you want to give the sweater to a woman) and you like wide cuts, you are free to go with a model labeled male (and vice versa). Loose or curved, it’s up to you to see what you prefer! Let’s also add that the site recommends that all people who embrace the oversize fashion to go for a size larger than their usual size.

Buy “geek” Christmas sweaters from $ 14 on Zavvi

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