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Good deal news Promo on 4K Blu-Rays: finally a good alternative to Netflix?


Good plan news Promo on 4K Blu-Rays: finally a good alternative to Netflix?

Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, all these streaming platforms offer you a lot of content. But, as much as they make fun of having more than full libraries, how many times have we found ourselves circling around looking for a movie? Well, sometimes the most drastic solution is good old blu-ray! And Fnac is currently offering them with a nice reduction!

Christmas at Fnac: the 3 blu-rays are 30 $

The promotion of Fnac is simple: the 3 Blu-Rays cost 30 $. Or 10 $, the unit, a reduction of 30% roughly. An excellent way to fill up your toy library and above all, to finally have your favorite titles on hand! All for 30 $ for 3 Blu-Rays!

Benefit from the 3 blu-ray operation = 30 $ at Fnac

The price of the Netflix subscription increases regularly by a few euros. Today, for a Netflix subscription with 4K, pay around $ 18 per month and the number of films available in this resolution is quite limited (not to mention the fact that physical 4K is always of much better quality than streaming 4K. ).

On top of that, when we watch a movie on Netflix, there’s no guarantee that it will stay there. Whether it is a pure collection of films that cannot be found on the platforms, the means of supporting the works that we love, a quality requirement or a desire to keep a film in its film library on as long as possible, Blu-Ray has many advantages over streaming.

This quality has a price, of course. But, with the promo currently offered by Fnac, we can finally talk about a real alternative.

Whether it is to immerse yourself in the feverish night of an Eyes Wide Shut, or to lose yourself in the gravitational waves of Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, Interstellar. Now you won’t have to search for your favorite movies.

Benefit from the 3 blu-ray operation = 30 $ at Fnac

Blu-rays at Christmas prices: some pearls that can be found in the selection

Among the selection (pantagruelic or gargantuan, it’s your choice), you can find many blu-rays, and in particular remasterings of works that have marked the culture. Likewise, as there are films that have gone down in legend, this selection also features recent films that have just been released in blu-ray format.

Among the films offered, you will find below some examples that we strongly recommend to buy in order to see them and re-watch them!

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