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Good deal news Last days to take advantage of ultra-fast Bouygues fiber at -60%!


Good plan news Last days to enjoy ultra-fast Bouygues fiber at -60%!

With the approach of the new year, it is impossible to miss out on the advantages on mobile and internet packages at the level of the major French operators. The proof here with a great price for a Fiber package at impressive speed.

A low-cost broadband fiber subscription

Online games and streaming videos are the everyday life of the vast majority of gamers. To take advantage of all of these features acquired by the Cloud, fiber is therefore essential. Multi connections, 4K, stream requires a powerful internet connection.

Cloud Gaming will become the norm in the coming years and services such as Gamepass are gradually taking over the traditional consumption of video games. Operators are aware of this and are betting on more general public offers with very attractive prices!

Subscribe to Bbox Must Bouygues Fiber Subscription at 15 $ per month

Ultra-fast BBox Must offer ended December 19

With today’s deal, you’ll have no trouble enjoying a good movie on Netflix while playing an online game with your friends. The power of fiber makes it possible to consume several streaming or legal download services at the same time. Consume the Internet without worrying about speed or loss of speed. Connection wait times are drastically reduced and give you instant access to a large amount of 4K content. Before you start, check the eligibility of your home. If you don’t know, you need to check on the available search bar, entering your address. A message will confirm or deny the eligibility of your accommodation.

Fiber subscriptions were previously sold at a fairly high price. Bouygues is aligned with the competition and in September is offering a very interesting offer for small budgets who want to increase their connections without spending too much money.

The Bbox Must offer comes at the right time with 1 Gb / s download speed, which is ultra-fast, and 400 Mb / s transfer speed for only 15 $ per month for 1 year! The offer is valid from today and until December 19. If you are interested, do not delay too long, the offer is for a limited time.

Subscribe to Bbox Must Bouygues Fiber Subscription at 15 $ per month

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