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Good deal news Harry Potter Christmas gift idea: LEGO, DVD, accessories … the magical promotions are here


Good plan news Harry Potter Christmas gift idea: LEGO, DVD, accessories … the magical promotions are here

Christmas is coming soon ! And it starts to stir around the Christmas presents and the tree. Indeed, at the end of the year, with the holidays, gifts will be on everyone’s lips, and it can happen that we tear our hair out on what we have to offer, but there are references on which we can not be wrong about the Harry Potter brand.

Harry Potter: a golden Christmas gift idea!

Harry Potter, in France, is synonymous with Christmas. It must be said that the very first film was released in theaters at the beginning of December 2001. This means that the very first spectators, just old enough to be amazed, retain a particular memory of the Sorcerer.

In addition to this, in parallel with the release of the books and films, early fans saw their heroes grow up, just like them, and face sometimes similar ordeals.

What makes that the world of Harry Potter preserves a particular aura, imprinted with Christmas celebrations, gifts and magical moments. Who has never dreamed of joining the prestigious school of witchcraft, Hogwarts? Who has never imagined wearing the clothes of his House? Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, it’s up to the Sorting Hat to say it!

The success was such that many video games and related products were born. Thus, we were able to see the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione on a lot of platforms. From PlayStation 1, with Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone and up to the highly anticipated Hogwart Legacy, the Harry Potter license is particularly eagerly awaited.

Which makes it quite easy to come across Harry Potter stamped products. However, which ones to target for Christmas? We guide you with this special Harry Potter gift ideas folder!

Harry Potter: the saga in blu-ray, DVD, 4K, your choice

The world of Harry Potter, it is not less than 8 films released between 2001 and 2011 which will have seen a number of known actors to reveal themselves and a number of illustrious members of the cinematography to be part of the cast (Gary Oldman, Timothy Spall, or Helena Bonham Carter).

But over time, some of these films have, as it would say, aged. This isn’t much of a problem as remastered versions are now available, including boxed sets.

So, if you want to rediscover the entire saga, now is the time! And some boxes even include the second series that comes to flesh out the world of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts!

Harry Potter: the best deals for Christmas on LEGO sets

If there is a combination of licenses that we expected on the Harry Potter theme, it is LEGO. And we can say that the combo is successful! Indeed, the collaboration between the two brands has made it possible to achieve constructions as pleasant to build as to admire or play with!

Harry Potter Christmas gift idea: LEGO, DVD, accessories ... the magical promotions are here

Taking up the locations and highlights of the Harry Potter saga, LEGO manages to bring to life particularly intense moments of Harry Potter’s adventures, from the discovery of Hogwarts Castle, to the escape of Sirius Black, through the battle with the Whomping Willow. And with what better than to offer a moment crystallized in time and to relive incessantly? Below are some particularly interesting sets.

Play it Harry Potter and join Hogwarts!

Harry Potter Christmas gift idea: LEGO, DVD, accessories ... the magical promotions are here

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft isn’t all about spells, potions, or even metamorphosis, it’s also the Four Houses!

Tradition requires, the students of Hogwarts are divided into four groups with different symbolism. Called “House” these groups are four in number and are called Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Each house has its virtue, its values ​​and its symbols. And each student, even before starting class, is assigned a House by the Sorting Hat.

View Harry Potter Clothing Deals

You too want to wear the colors of your house, it is possible with Zavvi which offers a whole assortment of accessories and clothing in the colors and symbols of the house that has been assigned to you (or simply the one you prefer) .

You choose !

And if you are not happy with your choice, you can always contact the Sorting Hat. In any case, do not forget your Magic wand .

Harry Potter, his wand, his accessories and his cup!

Harry Potter is also the accessories! From dresses to baguettes, there is plenty to do! And if you want to invest in a Risèd mirror, we can say that now is the right time!

We have managed to find you a whole arsenal of accessories that will make your interior a real Hogwarts room (less Peeves anyway).

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