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Good deal news For Christmas, buy a Nintendo Switch console at the best price


Good plan news For Christmas, buy a Nintendo Switch console at the best price

With the recent arrival of the Nintendo Switch OLED model, the classic Nintendo console model has never been cheaper. And the best price of the moment, Amazon has it!

The classic Nintendo Switch now costs just $ 269 on Amazon

Released in 2017, the Nintendo Switch continues its cardboard. The family console is unstoppable, and, given the current shortage in the tech world and its influence on the competition (we are obviously thinking of the Sony PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox), you can be sure that the Switch will be one of the Christmas bestsellers.

Normally, classic Switch stocks should hold up. But at what cost ? At the moment, we find the big N console at $ 269.99 at Amazon. Let’s not forget that it was almost always sold for 320 $ and that it even rose to around 400 $ at times when the market was tight.

It’s high time to treat a child for Christmas (or anyone else, the console has an extremely large game catalog, there is something for everyone)!

Buy the classic Nintendo Switch for $ 269 on Amazon

The Nintendo Switch console: the best to put under the tree for Christmas

Let’s assume that not everyone is aware of the small revolution that the Nintendo Switch has been in the world of video games and let’s do a little booster shot (at the moment, it is of circumstance).

The great originality of the Switch lies in the fact that it is a hybrid console. By that, understand that it is both a home console (up to date on a TV with controllers) as a portable console, in the direct lineage of the GameBoy. And switching from one to the other is done in 1 second. In one… switch.

The Switch also stands out for its controllers, JoyCon, a real little concentrate of technology. Can be used as a gyroscope like a Wii controller, can be merged to create a large classic controller, can be separated to make 2 complete mini-controllers, ultra-precise HD vibrations… these two pieces of plastic are amazing.

Finally, the great strength of the Nintendo Switch lies above all in the essential: the games. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still a best seller, Zelda Breath of the Wild is a huge classic, the recent Mtroid Dread was nominated for the 2021 Game Awards, the Nintendo store is full of independent nuggets, the latest versions of Pokémon are a hit. . in short, the catalog is both rich and qualitative. Maybe that’s what makes all the difference.

Buy the classic Nintendo Switch for $ 269 on Amazon

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