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Fortnite: Update on the impending launch of Chapter 3


Game news Fortnite: Update on the impending launch of Chapter 3

The Famous Fortnite Battle Royale community is in turmoil, the arrival of chapter 3 is getting closer and closer. Let’s take stock of what lies ahead.

The end of one adventure and the start of another

The developers of Epic Games have a habit of making a fuss when it comes to Fortnite. Those who attended the 2018 Paris Games Week convention still remember the monumental stand deployed for visitors. When it comes to making an impression, Epic is making a big splash. Also, each end of the chapter is no exception to the rule and it is currently the excitement in the community of the famous Battle Royale. On this Saturday, December 4, the event entitled “The End” will put an end to chapter 2 opened in 2019, to make way for new adventures brought by chapter 3.

This year, 350 million players around the world have embarked on Fortnite in an attempt to be the last survivor of each confrontation and tonight at 10 p.m., a final battle will bring players to the rest of the proposed adventures. by Epic Games. We can read on the official website of Epic:

Convergence is accomplished. The Queen Cube prepares her final assault on the island. After that, nothing will ever be the same again. Take up arms and face the ultimate destroyer of all realities. Take part in “The End”, the unique event in which you will have to fight to preserve your legacy.

What will happen?

The site explains that we will have to team up with our friends and players from all over the world “to repel the taint of Detours”, than “La Fin welcomes large teams (up to 16 players)” and that it is better to connect “early enough, as The End mode will be activated in Fortnite 30 minutes before the start of the event”.

Fortnite: Update on the impending launch of Chapter 3

It is also specified that “Content creators and players who wish to relive the final moments of Fortnite Chapter 2 should make sure to record and archive their experience, as reruns will not be available.In addition, it is stated that no modification of the parameters will be possible once The End has started. It is also explained that “As the season will end one day earlier than the previously announced date, all players who log in before the end of the season will receive a reward of 225,000 XP points” and that those who participate in the battle against Queen Cube of this event will receive a loading screen and adornment.
This passage to chapter 3 also marks the arrival of the Unreal Engine 5 which considerably improves the graphics and which should brilliantly carry the novelties which will, without a doubt, be in the game.

See you tonight, December 4, 2021 at 10 p.m. to know the beginning of the end.