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Fortnite: Relive the Chapter 2 “The End” event and get ready for what lies ahead!


News tip Fortnite: Relive the Chapter 2 “The End” event and get ready for what lies ahead!

That’s it, the Chapter 2 end event just took place and if you missed it, know that it lived up to the one we had now over two years ago to celebrate. the passage to Chapter 2. You could not participate? No worries, here’s a make-up session.

The end, literally a stunning event!

If you had some trouble logging into the game or just weren’t available, you sadly missed out on this Fortnite end-of-season event. But do not panic, we captured everything on video so you don’t miss a thing.

While we thought we had faced the hardest part of the alien invasion from the previous season, we clearly weren’t ready. Indeed, the Queen of the Cube has opened a passage to a dimension populated by alien ships and that could well have put the island of Fortnite and its inhabitants in jeopardy.

Fortnite: relive the event

Fortunately The Foundation came to help us out of this mess and for the occasion we were even able to discover his face. We do not spoil your surprise and we let you discover it in our video, but you may be surprised by this revelation that nobody expected.

Finally, to defeat the Queen of the Cube, the strategy was to literally flip the island of Fortnite, which therefore guarantees us a new play area for the next chapter which should arrive in a little over 48 hours, Tuesday morning.

End of Fortnite Chapter 2: what now?

After the black hole at the end of Chapter 1 of Fortnite, it’s now a tsunami that makes you drift off into the open sea and you shouldn’t be assisted immediately. It’s absolutely impossible to do anything when you launch Fortnite other than watch Jonesy drift off his raft on the title screen. As in October 2019, Fortnite’s servers are therefore closed again until further notice! See you very soon for the rest on the map of Fortnite Chapter 3, which is already being revealed gradually.

Fortnite: relive the event

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