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EVE Online, Mass Effect, Halo … the best science fiction games


Game news EVE Online, Mass Effect, Halo … the best science fiction games

The notion of science fiction is broad enough to cover a very wide range of approaches. This selection, naturally not exhaustive and subjective, is above all intended to help people discover or rediscover games that have been part of Space Opera / SF, in strategy or downright the sandbox, with space as business assets, ships and stars.

If there is a game that screams an endless love for space and the adventures that can be experienced there, it is EVE Online. With 18 years of existence, CCP’s sandbox has been the scene of incredible events that far exceed what the developers had anticipated. Alliances, betrayals, invasion, monumental corporations … the players have seized the title to write their own history and, from a simple miner to the commander of a powerful army, each member always has a role to play in this demanding title, not most accessible, but oh so rich and deep.

A real nugget released 2 years ago, Outer Wilds is a particularly original and refreshing break in the world of sci-fi games. Based on a principle of time loop, the title of Mobius Digital is a constant invitation to exploration. With a discreet and subtle storytelling, the player must solve puzzles while traveling from one planet to another, and show observation and a sense of deduction to advance this adventure not quite like the others.

If it is more relevant than ever with the imminent release of the Infinite episode, the Halo saga has cut its teeth in the world of space opera for a long time now. In addition to the marked contributions that it has made to the world of video games in general and to FPS consoles in particular, the Bungie franchise, now in the hands of 343 industries, has been noticed by its rich universe, which has was able to expand beyond the original FPS approach. Comics, books, video games, animated series, the universe of Halo has enough material to be declined on multiple supports, the mark of the great universes of Science-fiction.

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Back this year in a more flattering visual aspect than before with the remaster called Legendary Edition, Mass Effect maintains an unfailing love relationship with its audience. The original trilogy has indeed hit hard in its sector, and while the gameplay of the first episode has not endured the ravages of time enough, the story and the feeling of living an epic adventure that is only one’s own remains intact. . Commander Shepard’s story came to an end with Mass Effect 3, but the license still lives on. If Andromeda has not had the desired impact with fans, a new episode of Mass Effect is on the rails and could rekindle the craze around the franchise, if Bioware manages to reconnect with the spirit of the trilogy.

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It’s hard to talk about Space Opera without mentioning Star Wars. And the games from the Georges Lucas franchise are legion and of varying quality. So it’s difficult to choose just one, but opting for KOTOR also makes it possible to prove that Star Wars can reach a much larger audience than movie lovers. Bioware has succeeded in making a particularly responsive RPG, in a universe of abundant imagination. While respecting the franchise, the studio has also managed to retain its identity, deploying strong characters at the heart of an adventure as epic as it is well written. If the game has aged a lot today, a remake is already planned. This will undoubtedly attract a new audience who will finally be able to discover this essential video game in a new light.

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Science fiction or space opera are not necessarily where you think they are, namely necessarily a grandiose and narrative adventure. The atmosphere can play out a lot, but it’s also possible to move away from the pure storytelling and let the players build their own. The excellent 4X Endless Space 2 understands what is expected of a game that puts you in the shoes of a space conqueror. Very deep, tactical, the title of Amplitude is captivating from start to finish and easily manages to immerse the player in his world by leaving the field almost free to approach the game in the way he wishes. Whether through cunning, diplomacy, violence or politics, all means are good to establish your authority over the galaxy, which also benefits from a very carefully crafted lore, giving Endless Space 2 a lot of consistency.

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We remain, with Homeworld, in a strategic dimension, but quite far from 4X, since the title is an RTS and not just any. It is considered cult by most people who tried it in 1999 and is indeed a staple of the genre. Unfortunately, it was for years almost impossible to relive this fascinating and deep universe again, the title having been unavailable for sale until the arrival of a remaster released in 2015. Better yet, Homeworld 3 is currently on the rails. and should, if all goes well, be released during the last quarter of 2022. In the meantime, nothing prevents you from trying this strategy game which offers you to take the lead in space battles as tactical as they are spectacular.

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If the game was released in 2014, almost 8 years, Elite Dangerous, developed by Frontier, is still relevant and still very popular today. By offering you to play several roles, ranging from exploration to combat through trade, Elite Dangerous deploys a huge and massively multiplayer world, where you can give yourself to many activities, spectacular space battles included. Space lovers will therefore have plenty to get lost in this space game not quite like the others, even if it will also initially be necessary to overcome the somewhat impressive aspect of the first steps.

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This is a game that unleashes passions. With a successful crowdfunding campaign, and a record-breaking player-generated jackpot, Star Citizen is as much worshiped as it is shouted at. Indeed, the game of Robert Space Industries is still under development, but already offers a very solid basis and above all, the promise of an incredible universe. Already quite playable as it is, Star Citizen could well be a new benchmark of the science fiction game, with its $ 400 million budget and its totally disproportionate ambitions.

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