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Europorters: pupils become journalists and investigate Europe


The media education system carried by the written press newspapers, of which Midi Libre is opening up to primary classes for its second edition.

Knowing how to get informed is a challenge for all generations. Faced with the risk posed by disinformation, everyone needs to know how to distinguish information from promotion, propaganda, and even manipulation. With the help of Europorters, the titles of the written press, including Free noon offer high school, college and primary students to try their hand at journalism by conducting their own survey. Their subject? The impact of the European Union on their lives.

“Europe is a subject that must always be taken up. It concerns us all, from freedom of movement to mobile phone tariffs, from the fight against global warming to economic development. This lends itself perfectly to a journalistic investigative experiment” , explains Pascal Ruffenach, president of the Alliance Pour l’Education aux Médias, which manages this program for press titles. “It is not about being pro or anti Europe, what we are proposing is to slip into the shoes of a journalist to help young citizens to know how to inform themselves” , he specifies.

For all levels

Reports can be presented in written, audio or video format. The best productions of the region will be published in our columns. They will participate in a national final, the winners of which will be received on May 6 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

To participate, teachers and students can use a set of practical and educational sheets available on the europorters.fr site. Primary classes can contribute to the production of a scenario for a cartoon “1 day 1 question” with Milan-Presse, to the creation of an infographic for the Children’s Journal or to the production of a video on the theme “if I was head of Europe ”with the Kids-Matin site.

Details and registrations: https: //europorters.fr