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Elden Ring: a boss changes kinematics, the first theories are already flying


Game News Elden Ring: a boss changes kinematics, the first theories are already flying

Almost four months after its release, Elden Ring continues to engage its community. The last patch deployed changed a small detail of a cinematic. An adjustment that was enough to ignite the canvas, which began

Spoiler alert

The following article deals with the lore of the game, at fairly advanced points in the game. For those enjoying Elden Ring at their own pace and not wanting to spoil the surprise, it is not recommended to read this article.

Elden Ring: more mysteries

Elden Ring welcomed its 1.05 update yesterday. With it come many additions of comforts (conservation of certain objects for the new part +, correction of many bugs) but also a small change of kinematics. This one concerns that of Morgott, of which a detail has been modified. Obviously, this did not escape the players who hastened to share it on Reddit. This is the user Razhork who publishes a comparative video of the two patches.

You will have noticed: in previous patches, Morgott ignites his sword at the same time he evokes the flames of ambition (which does not seem to have an equivalent in French). However, since the last patch, the cutscene seems to be identical but Morgott no longer burns his blade. A modification probably justified by the developers, and for which the community is trying to find the reason.

A change to make the game more consistent?

It is always on Reddit that the open debate of: but why Morgott does not ignite his sword anymore? Besides the gas price jokes, two theories emerge and could well coincide since they are not at all contradictory. The first reason found would focus on the readability of the fight. Indeed, Morgott has two distinct phases. However, during the first (the one just after the cutscene) he does not use flames during the confrontation. Burning his blade could therefore deceive players.

The other explanation is to be sought near game history. It’s rare for the developers at From Software to leave things to chance in their game and Elden Ring is no exception. This time, user datssyck shares his reasoning:

Fire is heresy. It is forbidden within the Golden Order (…) As a descendant of this order, he would never wear it. Incidentally, Morgott is the son of Marika whose litter (and herself) are trees at the base. It is for this reason that transplants are possible and they are fireproof.

In any case, this cinematic modification should remain a mystery. Still, it’s still impressive to see that small adjustments are still being made to Elden Ring almost four months after its release, especially if they’re there to optimize the game’s storyline consistency.

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