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Dying Light 2 at the Game Awards 2021: a tragic fate revealed in video


Game news Dying Light 2 at the Game Awards 2021: a tragic fate revealed in video

After having greatly expanded its content over time, which has allowed the franchise to maintain a certain level of interest from players over the long term, Dying Light is getting ready to host a sequel very soon. And it is through a cinematic trailer that Techland’s game once again presents its universe to us.

This CGI presentation of Dying Light 2: Stay Human is reminiscent of the unforgettable trailer for Dead Island. Apocalyptic world, slow motion, zombies, all the ingredients are there to lay the foundations for the general atmosphere of the game, and also some of its mechanics. Indeed, Dying Light 2 revolves around several pillars, including exploration and parkour.

A question of parkour and UV

In this case, exploration is slightly less emphasized than parkour, but we can freely observe the agility of the character, who will have to take advantage of the elements of the environment to get out of the most tense situations. You will also have the opportunity to see that UV light is of enormous importance in repelling the infected, but not only that. In the world of Dying Light 2, you yourself are infected, but enjoy an immunity that unfortunately wanes when you find yourself in the dark.. It’s up to you to find light sources or build devices to be able to explore the surroundings more serenely after dark, the day / night cycle being always at the heart of the experience.

If you want to see a little more, and know what Dying Light 2 has in store for us more concretely when it releases on February 4th, do not hesitate to refer to the preview that we had released some time ago and which reports no less than 4 hours of play in this devastated world.

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