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Diplomacy is not an option: Talks with siege engines


Game news Diplomacy is not an option: Talks with siege engines

Door 407 announces the early access of Diplomacy is not an option which will begin on January 26th.

Dipolmacy’s early access is not an option will begin on January 26, 2022 on Steam. This is an RTS on PC, which mixes elements of city-builder and tower-defense with classic real-time strategy gameplay.

Diplomacy is for those who don’t hit hard enough

You will embody a feudal lord, in the Middle Ages, which constantly makes decisions that will affect the life of an entire city. While you bored of this monotonous life, an event will revive it: hordes of bloodthirsty enemies, from peasants to monsters, approach the city to ravage it. You will have the heavy task of organizing and personally lead the city’s defenses. Noticed by the crown, you will be sent in a new unexplored world to draw all the wealth from it, despite the natives not delighted to see you disembark. It remains to be chosen: cohabitation or annihilation? Respect for the hierarchy or overthrow of royal power? Your decisions will have more and more impact.

Diplomacy is not an option: Talks with siege enginesDiplomacy is not an option: Talks with siege engines

No one is supposed to ignore the laws

Diplomacy is not an option bases its gaming system on laws. The laws of war first, you will understand it in the summary above.

Diplomacy is not an option: Talks with siege enginesDiplomacy is not an option: Talks with siege engines

The laws of physics, because the game engine promises to carefully reproduce the laws of real physics, in order to stage the tens of thousands of units engaged in each battle as best as possible (see the gameplay video below). The range of weapons, the solidity of the structures, the blind spots, everything is thought out so that the battles take place in a logical manner.

The social laws also, since your citizens will react to your decisions, your battles, and will suffer the hazards of a city: epidemic, political crises, etc …

The economic laws, human and material resources are concretely visible in game. For example, the walls are built one stone after another, if you no tree is cut, nothing will be manufactured, and so on. Each citizen has a role, and each role is important: without a lumberjack, no cut tree, without a carpenter, nothing made with the lumberjack’s tree … we imagine the dead will accumulate in the city if you don’t have no bite, etc.

The magic laws are linked to economic laws moreover, since Door 407 explains that if you do not bury your dead, they risk joining the enemy. If you destroy a graveyard, the dead will rebel against your fighters.

Finally, the laws of life : the game is presented as “without unnatural limitations”. Concretely, you will have from the start of the game the entire available arsenal, all the game mechanics, etc. You will only be limited during the campaign by choices, moral dilemmas that will require you to manage all the laws well, in order to go as high as possible.

Diplomacy is not an option will launch Early Access on Steam on January 26, 2022.

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