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Covid-19: containment of the unvaccinated, return of gauges and closure of nightclubs in Germany


This Thursday, December 2, Germany is tightening the screw for people who do not have a complete vaccination schedule. The country is also planning to make vaccination compulsory from February and has taken restrictive measures for its entire population.

This Tuesday, November 30, the future German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that “the vaccination obligation will be the subject of a bill submitted to parliament before the end of the year”.

Two thirds of Germans are in fact in favor of this measure, already decreed in Austria, the first European country to have taken this radical decision.

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Containment of the unvaccinated

In the meantime, our neighbors across the Rhine are doing the choice of confinement for people who are not fully vaccinated. This is an unprecedented decision in Europe, reports Cnews.

The German authorities now prohibit the entry of non-essential stores, restaurants and leisure activities to those who are not vaccinated.

Other restrictions for the general population

Beyond this announcement, new restrictions apply in the country for the entire population, underlines AFP quoted by several media. Gauges are indeed making a comeback. Thus, in large gatherings, attendance should be limited to 30% of the total reception capacity.

In areas where the weekly incidence rate exceeds 350 (nine out of the 16 regions in the country),nightclubs have to close again.

Worrying situation

In Germany, 68.7% of the population is vaccinated and 80% of adults are. However, the situation is deteriorating sharply and the country has an incidence rate close to 440 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, in France we are at approximately 343 cases per 100,000, and the occupancy rate of hospital beds in Germany is close to saturation.

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