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Cerebral Academy Switch: The ultimate exclusion to train your brain?


Game news Cerebral Academy Switch: The ultimate exclusion to train your brain?

In this month of December 2021, you may be starting to think about your resolutions for the next year. And if you’re planning on building your brain, a certain Cérébrale Académie: Battle of Meninges might be right for you. The title has just landed exclusively on Nintendo Switch and has rather convinced us. Here is our opinion in video.

You probably know the famous Doctor Kawashima and his mental training series. But the genre knows another big name, namely Cerebral Academy. The license, in withdrawal since 2007, is back on Nintendo Switch for a brand new episode. On the program: twenty tests divided into five categories – analysis, math, perception, identification, memory – and several game modes, alone or with others. Multiplayer is also one of the big focuses of this episode, which can accommodate up to two players in touch on the same console and four people with the controller in hand. Quite a few good points.

Simple but effective

For the solo part, several game modes are available to you: first there is Training, to familiarize yourself and improve yourself on the various mini-games; the Exam, to determine your Score and Brain Level – kinds of notes to find out where your brain is located – after completing a test from each category; and finally Ghost Battle, an asymmetrical game mode to measure yourself against other players’ games, whether online or locally. Quite a few approaches that will allow you to obtain cosmetic items for your avatar. And there are dozens of them to unlock. The thing is, this system is the only lever to encourage the player to invest, beyond winning the greatest rewards for the events. In other words, you will first have to rely on your own investment.

Some good points

An investment which will first of all find meaning in touch, a way that we have found the most pleasant to play at this Cérébrale Académie. Indeed, all the mini-games are to be discovered with the fingers or with the joystick. The touch however offers a much more reactive and immediate approach, which can prove to be a great asset depending on the events. Special mention for the two-player touch mode, which is more efficient compared to the controller. Cerebral Academy Battle of Meninges is a rather enjoyable game, even if it lacks content and sometimes heal. Our full review in our video.

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