Home LAST NEWS Attack on Titan fan recreates titan battleship in VFX

Attack on Titan fan recreates titan battleship in VFX


Culture news Attack on Titan fan recreates titan battleship in VFX

While the final season of the flagship anime will not be long in pointing the tip of its nose, Attack on Titan offers itself a topicality to say the least astonishing. Someone indeed had fun animating a scene … in VFX.

A long-awaited conclusion

The second part of the Attack on Titan season finale is planned for January 9th. There are therefore only a few weeks to wait before finally discovering the outcome of this whole affair. And if a lot of things remain unclear, it is certain that this last part will focus on two characters, that everything opposes and brings together: Eren and Reiner.

Attack on Titan fan recreates titan battleship in VFX

If the first took an unexpected turn during the last episodes, the second was rather discreet. It must be said that, upset following its long mission on Paradise, the Titan Battleship was not at its best. He had even almost ended his life. And yet he’s a Reiner more combative than ever that we found to close this first part. Without a doubt, this comeback promises explosive scenes … like the one animated by Lewi.

The Titan Battleship in VFX

Shared on Youtube then Reddit, the latter takes a new look at the Attack on Titan. We find Reiner, sent as the ultimate weapon to overcome one of the enemies of the Mahr people. In the program ? Parachute jump, transformation and, above all, destruction. But forget here the Japanese animation and the touch of Studio MAPPA. Right here, everything happens in VFX. And the least we can say is that the scene is more than convincing. It must be said that Lewi worked on this small project for more than seven months.

This little animation is even enough to revive the hope of one day seeing the emergence of real projects worked around this universe. Some people dream of a video game in this style, like a Titanfall. Little chance that such a project will see the light of day anytime soon, however. On the other hand, we learned that the director of the anime was working on a Netflix movie: Bubble. What not to be totally orphaned at the end of the broadcast of the final season of Attack on Titan.