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Amazon Prime Video: movies and series not to miss in December 2021


Culture news Amazon Prime Video: movies and series not to miss in December 2021

The Amazon Prime Video SVOD platform delivers content for the month of December that is offered to owners of an Amazon Prime subscription. After season 1 of the animated Demon Slayer, the film The Dark Knight or The Revenant, here are the programs that will end this year 2021.

Controlling Britney Spears – December 2

Amazon Prime Video: movies and series not to miss in December 2021

Amazon Exclusive content for this broadcast in France, the documentary Controlling Britney Spears looks back on the chaotic journey of the American star. Realized by Samantha stark, this program follows Farming Britney Spears, the documentary dedicated to the rise of the singer. Many testimonies come to shed new light on the circumstances of the placing under supervision of Britney spears and demonstrates the extent of control exercised by her father over the young woman. This documentary was initiated by an investigation by journalists from The New York Times. Other witnesses include Alex Vlasov, former executive assistant, operations and security manager at Black Box Security, Britney Spears’ security company at the time, as well as Felicia Culotta, the star’s former assistant, at the forefront. during this troubled time.

Haters – December 3

Amazon Prime Video: movies and series not to miss in December 2021

This Amazon Exclusive program highlights the comedian Kev Adams through comedy Haters, produced by Stephane Marelli. The actor plays Thomas Le Lama, a comedy star who exercises his talents on the Youtube platform and who, following a video that caused an uproar, is looking for his detractors, or haters, in real life. His goal is to meet them and regain their trust, as well as that of his girlfriend. Kev Adams shares the screen with a large cast of motley actors: Esteban (the Craignos and The Little Murders series by Agatha Cristie); Sara Forestier (Girls of joy, Playlist); Clara joly (the Munch series, Duel in the sun, Perfect Crimes); Rayane Bensetti (Let’s Dance, Superhero in spite of himself); Elie Semoun (Les Méchants, Connemara, 8 Rue de l’Humanité); The rapper Seth Gueko ; Fred testot (Lucky, En Passant pécho); Audrey Fleurot (The Lady of the Lake in the Kaamelott series); Philippe Lacheau (30 days max, Superhero in spite of himself); Lucien Jean-Baptiste (Adorable, what is this grandpa ?!); Vincent Desagnat (Divorce Club, Mystère in Saint-Tropez); Pascal Demolon (Brutus vs Caesar, Connected); Franck Dubosc (Connected, The Meaning of Family); The footballer Olivier Giroud ; And with the participation of Jean Claude Van Damme.

Encounter – December 10

Amazon Prime Video: movies and series not to miss in December 2021

Amazon Prime video offers us a new exclusivity with the film Encounter, which features the actress Octavia spencer (Superintelligence, Thunder Force) and actor Ahmed Rice (Venom, Sound of Metal), in a fantasy thriller directed and co-written by Michael pearce and Joe Barton, the screenwriter of the film The Ritual, also at the helm of the writing of the story of Cloverfield 4. The duo of actors at the head of the film Encounter gives in particular the reply to Janina Gavankar (Vampire Diaries, The Way Back), Rory cochrane (The Chicago Seven, Hungry), young Lucian-River Chauhan (Gabby Duran, alien babysitter) and Aditya Geddada, as well as Misha collins, the actor who appears in the cast of the series Supernatural, also seen in Stonehenge Apocalypse. The story told in the movie Encounter is that of a Marine Corps veteran who runs away with his two children in an attempt to save them from an alien threat.

Being The Ricardos – December 21

Amazon Prime Video: movies and series not to miss in December 2021

Produced by Aaron Sorkin, the exclusive Prime Video entitled Being The Ricardos invites us to follow Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, a couple undermined by shocking personal accusations, political defamation, as well as cultural taboos. This immersion in the couple’s romantic and professional relationship allows us to discover the operation of the creation of the sitcom I Love Lucy, a very popular television series in the 1950s in the United States, broadcast in France a few decades more late. Being The Ricardos invites us on several film sets and behind the scenes of the production during a particularly intense period, alongside the protagonists in the turmoil who are embodied by Nicole Kidman (Aquaman, The Prom) and by the Spanish actor Javier Bardem (The Roads Not Taken, Dune).

Paddington – December 23

Amazon Prime Video: movies and series not to miss in December 2021

With the approach of the end of year holidays, Prime Video offers to see or review Paddington, the film directed by Paul king mixing animation and comedy. Family content par excellence, this feature film invites us to follow a 1960s explorer who discovers a new species of brown bear in a Peruvian forest. A friendship is born between the man and a couple of these bears, which he baptizes Pastuzo and Lucy. Years have passed and while the bear duo lives happily alongside their nephew, an earthquake turns their lives upside down and leads the little bear to board a freighter bound for London. The cub then arrives at Paddington station, and is greeted by the Brown family, who end up naming it after the place where it disembarked. The daily life of the bear cub and the Browns is however shaken up by a poacher named Millicent Clyde, who has Paddington in her sights. We find in particular in the casting of the film the actresses Nicole kidman (Being The Ricardos), Sally hawkins (Godzilla 2, Spencer) and Julie walters (Molly Weasley in the Harry Potter saga, The Secret Garden), as well as the actors Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, To Olivia), and Ben Whishaw (The Personal History of David Copperfield, Dying Can Wait) which lends its voice to Paddington.

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