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According to Héraultaise Irène Tolleret, “the new CAP brings peace of mind to farmers”


The new Common Agricultural Policy has been adopted by the European Parliament. The region’s MEPs, Irène Tolleret and Eric Andrieu, admit to being satisfied with this reform.

“Agriculture will be fairer and more sustainable”, assured this Tuesday the chairman of the European Parliament’s committee on agriculture, the German conservative Norbert Lins, while MEPs had just adopted a major reform in Parliament in Strasbourg of the Common Agricultural Policy.

A vote which authorizes, according to Norbert Lins, the biggest reform of the CAP since 1992, nothing less. Opinion shared by Socialist MEP Eric Andrieu, the Aude elected official in charge of the dossier and negotiator for the European Parliament: “We can say it: for the first time in more than thirty years, the reform of the CAP has concluded with more market regulation than deregulation! It also seemed essential to us that farmers could obtain a more equitable and stable income in order to support them in the ecological transition to come. It is therefore a step in the right direction! “

Vine plantations authorized until 2045

He congratulated himself, in particular, on having “succeeded in renovating European crisis management tools; putting in place effective mechanisms to prevent and better manage agricultural crises was an imperative”.

Héraultaise Irène Tolleret, MEP Renew (the group to which her party of La République en Marche is affiliated), also a winegrower in Fontanès, in Hérault, also welcomed the adoption of this CAP: “I am proud of the ‘having voted. This CAP is fairer, greener. “

Promote “eco-diets”

The reform of the common agricultural policy adopted on Tuesday by the European Parliament aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by the agricultural sector by 10%. It will also require that 20% of aid to farmers be devoted to “eco-schemes” over the period 2023-24, then 25% over the period 2025-2027.

The term “eco-diet” is not precisely defined but by way of example, the text mentions organic farming or the recreation of wetlands to absorb CO2.

A satisfaction that she also said she wanted to express for two main reasons: “First, we have introduced the right to make mistakes. That is to say that all farmers now have the possibility of receiving the payment of subsidies. to which they are entitled even if there is an administrative error in their file.This is new, and we have been asking for it for ages! For farmers, this is a huge step forward and just that point deserved that we vote for this CAP “, enthusiastically this Thursday Irene Tolleret.

“The second major reason,” she continued, “concerns planting rights. Authorizations stopped in 2030, which endangered all AOC systems, in our region everything could fall to the ground. ‘is more. Authorizations are extended until 2045. “

Two measures for a new CAP which, according to the elected representative from Hérault, “brings peace to farmers. Without forgetting that by developing a greener CAP, we have been able to secure our budget”.