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A missing 3-year-old boy survived alone in the wilderness and in the cold for two days


Ryker Webb had been wanted for hours when he was found in a hangar where he had taken refuge in Montana in the United States.

Late Friday afternoon, June 3, the worrying disappearance of a 3-year-old red-haired boy mobilized troops from Montana to the United States.

The little Ryker Webb had escaped the vigilance of his parents. The latter took more than two hours to report his disappearance.

Passionate about insects, he walked for hours

The little boy would have walked very long for hours in nature looking for insects. This is what made it possible to get on his trail.

Exhausted, he continued until he found refuge in an old shed, where he was finally found on Sunday June 5.

Storms, falling temperatures, pumas, bears…

The research concern was that the child might not survive.

Indeed, the evening of his disappearance violent storm descended on the region. The temperatures dropped not exceeding 4°C.

In the region, the cougars and the bear are frequent

scared but alive

The child was found by the family who went to his hut and they heard the voice of a little boy in the shed behind the famous hut.

The family immediately contacted emergency services.

Ryker was scared, exhausted and chilled but alive.

When Lincoln County Sheriff Darren Short told him he was going to find his parents, the little boy’s eyes lit up, as reported by Today.

The little boy was taken to a medical center for examination.

But nothing was detected, he was able to find his parents.

An ongoing investigation

An investigation is underway to understand why the little boy was not watched and escaped the supervision of his parents as well as all the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

And especially why it took more than two hours before the parents decide to make a reporting.

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