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4K TV: This underrated accessory is at a very low price


News good plan 4K TV: This underrated accessory is at a very low price

Everyone will surely agree, remote controls are not at all suitable for televisions when it comes to looking for something. This is even more the case with the latest Smart TVs, so we offer you this Logitech K400+ wireless keyboard at 27 $ instead of 44 $ on Amazon.

Although keyboards are generally used more on PCs and tablets, your TV too can benefit from all the comforts of a keyboard. This is all the more the case with the Logitech K400 + wireless keyboard which goes to 27 $ on Amazon.

Buy the Logitech K400+ at 27 $ on Amazon

If you have a Smart TV, this accessory is a significant plus that will allow you to navigate and search more easily for your content in your streaming applications and within the television operating system.

Time saving guaranteed! Knowing that to take advantage of it you will not have just plug your little Unifying receiver into one of your TV’s USB ports. This is rarely the case on keyboards, but on this one you will also have access to a touchpad that will allow you to move easily through your menus.

Passing by Logitech Options softwareyou will be able to configure Logitech K400+ controls, which might be useful if you decide to use it on your PC. As for food, you won’t have only need a single battery to keep it running for about 18 monthsknowing that a on/off button is available to save battery.

Regarding its keys, you will have access to no less than 12 function keys, with the ability to access media or sound controls. It is compatible on many operating systems like Windows 7 (and newer), Android 7 (and newer) and Chrome OS.

With 10M wireless range and waterproofthis little keyboard will be perfect to use it from your sofa without being afraid of breaking it. Originally available at $44, Amazon is dropping its price to $27 with this great reduction.

Buy the Logitech K400+ at 27 $ on Amazon

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