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Ironheart Disney +: Good news for those waiting for the MCU series?


news culture Ironheart Disney +: Good news for those waiting for the MCU series?

As of Disney Investors Day 2020, we’ve known that an Ironheart series, centered on the legacy of Tony Stark, was about to see the light of day. The production was discreet for more than a year, but since April, we regularly hear about the character.

In August 2021, we learned that the character from Ironheart, which appeared in the comics in 2016was going to make a first appearance at the cinema in Black Panther Wakanda Foreverwhich will be released on November 9 in France.

New screenwriter, new direction, reinforced cast, Ironheart takes shape

A way of put this recent character on the chessboardbefore devoting a series to it on Disney+ which will be scripted by Chinaka Hodge (Snowpiercer). Ironheart, Riri Williams of her name, will be embodied on the screen by Dominique Thorne who previously starred in If Beale Street Could Talk. She will notably be accompanied by Lyric Ross (This is Us), Anthony Ramos (Hamilton), or even Manny Montana (Good Girls), and will be visibly presented as a genius inventor capable of designing ultra-sophisticated armor and take up the torch of iron man.

Aged 15, she has a very high IQ, and has already created her own AI. In the comics, she this AI gets stolen, but tries to recover it thanks to his armor. If you are curious, know that the character already appears on Disney+ in heart of irona medium-length created with the aim of introducing new heroes to the public.

Cameras in Chicago since late May?

Last year, reports indicated that filming could start in April but obviously, it did not happensince production, led by Sam Bailey and Angela Barnes reportedly finally stalled the start of filming in June. According to the generally well-informed Filming in Chicago Twitter account, the production or filming would have started on May 23but these should be taken with a grain of salt as Screenmag previously stated that filming would not start until June 20 at best, that is to say today.

The info: while everyone was enjoying the weekend, the new Marvel series Ironheart was filming in Chicago. According to screenmag, they won’t start before June, so it looks like they were making b-rolls (illustration shots, editor’s note), or plate shots (images of sets without subject). We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything else.

Either way, whether the things seen in May are just prep or filming has actually started, it shouldn’t be long before we get the first images of this series. Among the questions that arise is that of format. Ironheart will she be a mini-seriesor is it destined to develop over several seasons before becoming an important figure in Marvel At the movie theater ? Answer(s) in the next few months.

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