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The Boys Season 4: Amazon Prime Video confirms the continuation of the series


news culture The Boys Season 4: Amazon Prime Video confirms the continuation of the series

Season 3 of The Boys landed on Friday, and already, we wonder if the story will end there or continue. In many cases, producers and platforms maintain the suspense for a while, before finally letting go. In that of The Boys, things went much faster.

Season 3 is barely out when Season 4 is announced

For a few days, the third season of the adaptation of The Boys is available to Amazon Prime Video subscribers. The opportunity to find Homelanders and his cronies, as well as all the other super-humans, judged to be manipulated and corrupted. Irreverent, gory and thought for destroy 50 years of superhero representationthe comics was successfully adapted by Amazon, and the expectation for season 3 was stronger than for the first two, which had already impressed the public.

Is it due to the arrival of Jensen Ackles in the series and the adaptation of the Herogasm arc? Hard to say but in any case, the public already asking for more. You would have thought that Amazon let people watch the new season before talking about the sequel, but not at all, because as of Friday, the platform formalized the start of a fourth season. Amazon broadcast the news on all of its accounts on the various social networks, making it clear that season 4 was already in preparation.

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The showrunner and Amazon grateful to the public

We can therefore hope see it land in 2023 or early 2024, if the rate of publication remains the same. During the festival SXSW in Austinin Texas, Karl Urban and Eric Kripke, the showrunner, also confirmed the information orally:

The Boys continues to push the boundaries of storytelling by being entertaining with all-too-real satire…We can’t wait to deliver more to viewers. On behalf of the cast and crew, we are so grateful to Sony, Amazon, and most importantly all the fans for embracing the series and allowing us to do more! We’re excited to continue Butcher and the Boys’ fight against Homelander and the Seven. As well as commenting on the crazy world we live in. Plus, it’s the first time in TV history that exploding genitalia has resulted in such a hit!

The fight between Butcher, the Seven and Homelander will therefore continue for at least one more season. On the Amazon side, we are obviously very happy to renew the series, which truly acts as a showcase for the Prime service.

From our first discussion with Kripke and the creative team, around the third season of The Boys, we knew the series was getting even bolder. An impressive feat considering the crazy success of season 2, which was nominated for the Emmy Awards! The Boys continues to push the boundaries of storytelling while relentlessly entertaining and weaving social satire that feels so real. This stylized world of the show has incredible global reach and the massive viewership generated by the launch of Season 3 last week is proof of that.

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