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Demon Slayer: 7 anime to watch on Netflix while waiting for season 3


news culture Demon Slayer: 7 anime to watch on Netflix while waiting for season 3

Demon Slayer is the Japanese work of the moment. Whether it’s manga or anime, it grabs absolutely everything and after two seasons and a movie, we’ll have to be patient to see the third season. During this time, the editorial staff of HelloSolar.info offers you a small selection of anime to watch on Netflix.


In Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki is a high school student like no other, he has the distinction of seeing and hearing the ghosts of the deceased. The young student therefore helps the souls he meets until the day he finds himself face to face with a Hollow. These demons are the fruit of souls that have not found rest. This is when our hero crosses paths with Rukia Kuchiki and becomes a Shinigami. The mission of these gods of death is to guide the dead to the afterlife. Ichigo is then embarked on very complex stories and fierce fights to protect his loved ones from wandering monsters.

Devilman Crybaby

Fudô Akira is a very normal young high school student. Seeing his childhood friend, Ryo Asuka, again, the latter tells him sordid stories about demons wanting to invade the Earth. Fudô will then follow his comrade and attend a ritual that is both bloodthirsty and sexual. The demons manifest and the teenager merges with Amon, the demon lord. Fudô Akira then finds himself with a superhuman body, but manages to keep his human soul, he becomes Devilman. This is the starting postulate of Devilman Crybaby.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter tells the story of Gon who lives on an island with his aunt. His father is a Hunter, an adventurer and bounty hunter who travels the world to discover all its secrets. The young man then decides to follow his father’s path and also become a Hunter. This decision is at the origin of a long journey during which he will meet companions with the same objective as him, but also tough adversaries.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato

The film Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato is the direct sequel to the anime series streaming on Crunchyroll. The plot of the feature film begins six months after the fateful fight between Ikoma and Biba. Steel train fighters and federal troops team up to retake Unato. This city is infested with zombies called Kabane. However, the latter act strangely, and that does not bode well.

The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare

The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare is an animated spin-off centered on the character of Vésémir. The story takes place several years before the main series in live action and focuses on the one who will become the mentor of Geralt de Rive. The young man then seeks to get out of poverty by killing monsters. This feature film is a good way to learn more about the character embodying the father figure of Geralt, but also about Kaer Morhen, the Witchers’ fortress.

Tokyo Ghoul

In the modern world of Tokyo Ghoul, ghouls are inseparable from human beings. However, unlike the latter, these creatures kill them violently and feed on their flesh. Kaneki is a young student who falls in love with a young woman he meets in a cafe. During a date, she turns out to be a ghoul and tries to devour him, starting by crushing his abdomen. Before engulfing Kaneki, the beams of a construction site collapse on the ghoul. The affair could be concluded here, but all is not so simple since to save the student, the doctors transplanted the young woman’s organs into him. Kaneki Ken is gradually turning into a ghoul and will have to change his life.


anime Yasuke is inspired by the extraordinary destiny of an African slave during the 16th century in Japan. Over the fights, the man becomes a samurai under the reign of the famous Oda Nobunaga. Following a tragedy, Yasuke is now a retired ronin, but he will have to take out his blade to protect a child. It turns out that the latter has mystical powers coveted by both warlords and dark powers that operate in the shadows.