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Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS5 goes to 34$


News good deal Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS5 goes to 34$

A fabulously cute Valentine’s Day gift this Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS5. One of the best action/adventure games of recent years goes from $49 to $34 on Sony’s latest console. The opportunity to discover an extraordinary title that does not have to be ashamed graphically in front of the latest Pixar productions.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the magic on PS5

In this game, you play as Kena, a young woman tasked with helping the spirits resolve their conflicts so that they can peacefully rejoin their world and thus purge corruption.

Buy Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS5 for $34 at Cultura

Extensive program therefore, in this action/adventure game full of puzzles. In terms of ergonomics, the controls respond well, the game is very fluid. The biggest part of the gameplay resides in the Burps, cute little beings who react a bit like Pikmins and who obey Kena’s orders in order to move objects, solve puzzles, unlock passages etc… They can also be useful during the fights.

Moreover, the latter take place in small closed arenas. They are very nervous and shine with their intelligence so much the bestiary is varied and so much the gameplay must be exploited in its diversity. Kena: Bridge of Spirits manages to never become repetitive and to fascinate the player with its poetic and touching writing which is almost a model of the genre.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS5 goes to 34€

Kena: Bridge of Spirits, play an interactive animated film

Graphically, Kena is magnificent. The game is colorful and full of life. It’s simple, you have the impression of playing within an animated film. Ember Labs did a gargantuan job for a small studio that had previously only made animated shorts. We feel in this game their past experiences and Kena delivers us a concentrate of poetry that does honor to the PS5.

The musical themes stick perfectly to the atmosphere of the title. The game’s soundtrack is signed by an Indonesian band and is often poignant. The sound and graphics set therefore forms a well-controlled alchemy which gives this title a unique spirit. Kena boasts quite remarkable overall consistency for an indie game and it’s a safe bet you won’t soon forget it.

To sum up, it’s a real nugget that this Kena: Bridge of Spirits for PS5, on sale at Cultura at-30%. Note that PS4 owners can also enjoy this unique game on an old-gen version that holds up well.

Buy Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS5 for $34 at Cultura

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