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Xbox Game Pass: 6 sports games for you!

Xbox Game Pass: 6 sports games for you!

Game news Xbox Game Pass: 6 sports games for you!

Sports activities and video games are the best way to mix fun and competition. For you Internet users, the HelloSolar.info editorial staff offers you a selection of 6 sports games available on the Game Pass.

DiRT 5

Let’s start with Codemasters’ off-road racing game, DiRT 5. Released on November 6, 2020 on ONE and the 10th of the same on Xbox Series, this one has been optimized for Next Gen consoles allowing them to give us 4K gameplay at 120 FPS. New functionalities as well as new innovations appear in this opus, which makes it the most daring episode of the saga, while keeping the soul and the DNA that gave it its charm.

Lethal League Blaze

Let’s continue with a game mixing projectile and combat Lethal League Blaze. Team Reptile offers us here dynamic gameplay in a colorful graphic style. The objective is simple, hit our opponents by hitting a ball at full speed. A perfect mix of relaxation and competition, perfect for letting off steam with friends.

NBA 2K22

The NBA game series from 2K Games needs no introduction. The latest edition is available in the gamepass catalog for the greatest pleasure of fans. Create your player, jump into career mode and become the next star in the league. Find your friends in the MyPark mode and break the ankles of your opponents.

skate 3

The next two games that will follow are Xbox 360 classics. We start with a license that EA has known as a reference in the field of skateboarding games. Released in September 2014, Skate 3 immerses us in the city of Port Carverton. Team up with other skaters and perform your best tricks through this new urban world.


The SSX franchise has won unanimity in the hearts of fans and critics alike. Released in 2012, we once again find EA Sports at the helm. Slide through the most iconic mountain ranges around the world, in order to become the best Snowboarder. Different game modes like Race, Tricks and Survival are available to offer players a unique experience.


Never two without three, let’s end this selection with a new title from EA. Released on our consoles in August 2020, UFC 4 is, as its name suggests, the fourth UFC episode produced by the American developer. Take control of your favorite fighters and opponents around the world. You also have the option of creating your own Superstars in an all-new Career mode. Use your skills and become the undisputed champion.