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The 5 Nintendo Switch games of the week not to be missed

The 5 Nintendo Switch games of the week not to be missed

Game news The 5 Nintendo Switch games of the week not to be missed

You’re starting to get used to it: like every week, we offer you the best Switch games that will land in the coming days. For this time, the program is loaded: between Star Wars, football match in the Mushroom Kingdom and manga-style fight, here is the list!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

While waiting for the remake of the first Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic on PlayStation 5, how about a return to the second episode on Nintendo Switch? And yes, KOTOR 2 will land on the Japanese manufacturer’s hybrid. A cult game, sequel to a cult opus too. We are therefore always in the presence of a Online MMOs, with all that includes game systems: character development, exploration, side and side quests. It all takes place five years after the events of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, when the Sith Lords are about to destroy the Jedi and the Old Republic. You, of course, are the only Knight who can change things, without leaving your pocket. Not bad !

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Back on earth with a really long-awaited game, Mario Strikers Battle League, a Nintendo-style football game. It is therefore the “sequel” to Mario Strikers Charged Football, released in 2007 on Wii (two years after the first part on GameCube). The concept is simple: you reduce the teams on either side of the field to 5 players – including the goalkeeper – and you forget about everything that is yellow card, offside. here All shots are allowed to score more goals than the opposing player. To do this, you can count on special moves, a classic in Mario sports games. Nintendo also seems to have done what it takes to push forward the Strikers formula, with more subtle gameplay, stamina bar, greater emphasis on match preparation, online mode – obviously – improved. In short, everything smells very good!

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Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles

Do you want to play fists elsewhere than on a football match via a portable format? So here comes Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles on Nintendo Switch. You will have understood it well, it is the adaptation in video game from the eponymous manga, already released on PC and consoles at the end of last year. And inevitably, with the CyberConnect2 studio at the controls, we have the right to a fighting game in the vein of Naruto Ninja Storm. On the program, visuals with neat cel-shading, around twenty characters faithfully reproduced on screen (of course their key techniques are included), a story mode and finally versus. In short, everything you would expect from a game of its kind. In our columns, the verdict is mixed: 13 out of 20.


In a whole different genre, here come Even if TEMPEST, a visual novel developed by studio Voltage. This name probably means nothing to you, but the company has a long experience in this kind of very narrative adventures, where the player follows a complex scenario with the possibility of making choices and direct the course of things. In this case, the team announces a title based on two systems: the investigation (gathering clues, discussing with witnesses) and the trial, where you will have to deliver your conclusions and confront the culprit. You thus follow the story of Anastasia, a young girl whose only ounce of happiness is stolen by someone she trusts. “As she consumes herself, Anastasia obtains a supernatural power, the Return from beyond the grave” tells us the page of the project. But what awaits him in the end is even more misfortune.

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Spacewing War

Nothing to do, but you want a new retro shoot’em up? Because if so, Spacewing War will land very soon on Nintendo Switch, which the developer describes as “rich in twists and secrets” on its page. “Invaders from the planet Mavros have landed on Earth and you must stop them” can we also read. To do this, you will have the right to a top notch arsenal : from blasters to boomerang projectiles. Very practical against basic enemies but especially against bosses through the 7 levels offered. The icing on the cake: the choice among 40 different color palettes and even a little story to accompany it all. In short, everything you need to have a great time.