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Silent Hill more terrifying than ever thanks to Unreal Engine 5

Silent Hill more terrifying than ever thanks to Unreal Engine 5

Game News Silent Hill more terrifying than ever thanks to Unreal Engine 5

Among the licenses regularly cited in the rankings of those that we would like to see again, we find the series of horror games from Konami, Silent Hill. While waiting for more information about the insistent rumors surrounding the license, players are taking over Epic Games’ engine to imagine game remakes.

Silent Hill is a cult license, even if recent episodes have divided and the cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s project has disappointed more than one fan. But the license is about to make a comeback.

Silent Hill: loud rumors announce its return

Insistent rumors point to three projectsamong which a remake of Silent Hill 2 by the Bloober Team, the studio behind Layers of Fear, The Medium and Blair Witch. Released on PlayStation 2, Silent Hill 2 made its mark thanks to its staging, Akira Yamaoka’s music and its creepy and disturbing narration as possible.

We even talk about projects connected to each other, justifying in passing storyline additions, new puzzles, and even never-before-seen endings. But while waiting for Bloober Team, which seems to announce in half words that the rumors are founded, to formalize something, the players are having fun. Many people have already created remakes on Unreal Engine 4, to have reinvented the license in pixel-artor imagining what a new episode might look like.

The license comes back to life under Unreal Engine 5

The tools offered within the Unreal Engine 5 by Epic being available, it is therefore not surprising to see creators giving a glimpse of what a remake of Silent Hill could look like ! The creator TeaserPlay is one of the “tweakers” to have started with this idea in mind, and we can say that his video has cachet. We find the environments of the first opus, with in particular the alleys, the school, the playground under the snow, the ugly butchered creatures or even Alessa Gillespie, even if the famous fogpresent in the 1999 game both for the atmosphere and because of the technical constraints, is very (too) behind.

Nevertheless the work is impressive, and that we imagine very well shivering again while browsing this strange city with this level of detail. Unlike the base game, which uses a fixed camera system to reinforce off-screen anxiety, the creators of this video opted for a shoulder-mounted camera, which highlights the lights of the Lumen toola new feature of the new engine.

Silent Hill Remake under Unreal Engine 5 (is) a dream we hope to achieve. In this video we will imagine Silent Hill (1999), the game is probably developed by Konami on PS5 and will announce it soon. We used Lumen to render and placed the third-person camera, and tried to bring the deep and gruesome atmosphere of the original game into Unreal Engine. We also used an unusual montage to induce a nightmare feeling, we hope you enjoy the result.

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