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Nintendo present at Gamescom? the editor responds!

Nintendo present at Gamescom? the editor responds!

Game news Nintendo present at Gamescom? the editor responds!

On the sidelines of this month of June loaded with announcements from all parts of the video game industry, Gamescom is also preparing to make its return in the course of next August. If we do not yet know exactly the line-up of the German event, the big publishers are starting to talk about their participation, as is the case with Nintendo today.

A major meeting of the video game industry

Gamescom is one of the major shows of the year dedicated to the video game industry. In place since 2008, the event succeeded the Games Convention and takes place every year in Cologne, Germany. If the COVID crisis prevented the organization of the two previous face-to-face editions, the show will indeed make its physical return this year.

For five days, the major players in the world of video games will have the opportunity to unveil their new products from August 24th. The inaugural evening on August 23 will be presented by Geoff Keighleywho will already be at the controls of the Summer Game Fest on June 9th.

If we expect beautiful people, we do not yet know exactly how the programming of the event will be organized. We obviously expect the presence of the Big Three Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but it seems that their presence is not certain. Regarding Nintendo, the publisher has already responded, and intends to ignore Gamescom.

Nintendo: the great absentee from Gamescom

Big N and Gamescom is obviously a big no. The publisher recently confirmed its absence from the event. In lieu of a potential conference, Big N will offer gamers “the opportunity to try out Switch games across Germany”.

Gamescom is a key event on Nintendo’s calendar. However, this year, after careful consideration, we have decided not to take part in the event in Cologne. Instead, players will have the opportunity to try out Switch games across Germany. The events already dated concern several traveling conferences aboard our Airstreamer tour bus and our Volkswagen Bulli, notably at the SWR Summer Festival and at the Stuttgart Children and Youth Festival. For Japan and video game fans, we decided to participate in Main Matsuri Japan Festival in Frankfurt as well as DoKomi in Düsseldorf and AnimagiC in Mannheim. Several additional stops and activities are being planned.

Big N therefore chooses to abandon Gamescom in favor of a tour throughout Germany. A necessarily disappointing choice for a large part of the publisher’s fans who expected to find them at the show. It therefore remains for Sony and Microsoft to confirm, or not, their participation in this 2022 edition of Gamescom.