Home LAST NEWS 86 Ukrainians welcomed in Lozère, we take stock of the 100th day of the conflict

86 Ukrainians welcomed in Lozère, we take stock of the 100th day of the conflict

86 Ukrainians welcomed in Lozère, we take stock of the 100th day of the conflict

Health, housing, education, employment… State services in Lozère and their partners remain mobilized to organize the reception of these war refugees as well as possible.

The prefecture of Lozère wanted to make a point concerning the mobilization linked to the situation in Ukraine. In a statement sent to the press, she wrote:On the 100th day of the conflict in Ukraine, this Friday, June 3, the state services in Lozère and their partners remain fully mobilized to welcome displaced people from Ukraine in the best conditions.”

A few figures: to date, Lozère hosts 86 displaced persons, adults and children, spread over a dozen municipalities. Following the example of the reception reserved for all the refugees present on the territory, in close collaboration with the local actors concerned, the prefecture of Lozère has set up appropriate care allowing social, health, educational and Ukrainian family professional.

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1. Access to the territory

Forty-one adults have already received a temporary residence permit from the prefecture, allowing them to obtain an immediate work permit; the last files are being examined.

2. Access to health

All Ukrainian families who so wished were able to benefit from a health check-up and access to healthcare.

3. Access to housing

In partnership with municipalities, social landlords and individuals, 25 rental intermediation assistance measures have been mobilized by the State and entrusted to the Aurore association; State services are thus working to put in place stable housing solutions, while taking care not to harm other vulnerable populations.

4. Access to school and training

Twenty-five displaced Ukrainian children are now educated in Lozère establishments. For adults, language courses are available through several providers, including the Center for Information on the Rights of Women and Families with a view to integration.

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5. Access to employment

In addition to the displaced persons who have been able to extend their activity remotely, 13 people have found work, while others are engaged in a process of professional integration; contacts with companies in the department are in progress.

Prefect Philippe Castanet would like to thank the local authorities, associations and individuals who are committed, alongside the State, to organizing the reception in Lozère of people displaced from Ukraine: “This effort must be maintained as long as the war lasts and other families are likely to join Lozère. Thanks to the quality of the support offered in our department, the vast majority of families welcomed to our territory from the start of the crisis have remained there.