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War in Ukraine: NATO promises to defend every ally and every inch of its territory


A summit was convened on Friday 25 February.

Meeting urgently, the leaders of the member countries of NATO approved Friday the sending of military reinforcements to Eastern Europe after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. “Russia has broken the peace in Europe. The Ukrainian people are fighting for their freedom in the face of Russia’s unprovoked invasion. We call on Russia to withdraw all its forces from Ukraine and return to the path of dialogue”said Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General. “No one should be fooled by the barrage of lies from the Russian government”said the heads of state and government of the 30 member countries, reaffirming their support for Ukraine, at the end of the summit convened by videoconference.

Putin’s request

“NATO allies have activated our defense plans. We are deploying elements of the NATO Response Force. On land, at sea and in the air. To further strengthen our posture. And to respond quickly to any contingency “, announced the boss of NATO.

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“The United States, Canada and European Allies have deployed thousands more troops to the eastern part of the Alliance. We have over 100 jets on high alert operating in over 30 different locations. And over 120 ships from the Far North to the Mediterranean”he detailed. “We will do what it takes to protect and defend every ally. And every inch of NATO territory. The world will hold Russia and Belarus accountable for their actions. Russia as the aggressor. Belarus as the enabler.”

But the Kremlin’s goals are not limited to Ukraine. Russia has demanded legally binding agreements to renounce further NATO enlargement. And to withdraw troops and infrastructure from allies who joined after 1997. “The Kremlin is trying to get NATO and the EU to provide less support to our partners. So our collective response must be more support. In countries like Georgia, Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina. For help them succeed in their democratic reforms, and pursue the path they have freely chosen”underlined Jens Stoltenberg.

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