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These Holiday Cabins Are Sustainable & Affordable
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These Holiday Cabins Are Sustainable & Affordable

The Rent Is Too High!

You ever have those months where you’re just fed up with paying your rent or mortgage. Where you question if some of your modern luxuries are even necessary. Those times when you seriously consider packing up your bare essentials and moving to the boondocks. I can’t be the only one with these thoughts. Finnish company, Neste, is manufacturing cabins that will make the choice of moving to the wilderness much easier for folks.

The designer behind the project, Robin Falck, has created a modular cabin that can be “easily” constructed and deconstructed. The cabin is being called, Nolla, a Finnish word for zero. Designed for the natural landscape of Vallisaari, an island near Helsinki.


Photo via Neste


The mobile cabin is built with local pine and plywood. It is designed to allow owners to stay in the cabin while producing minimal emissions.


Photo via Neste


Minimal Environmental Footprint

The cabin functions entirely on renewable energy and excludes most modern commodities. The
cabin itself is compact and entirely mobile, measuring only 10 meters height and 2 meters wide.

Nolla can be assembled, dissembled, and transported without any heavy machinery. It demonstrates a low-impact daily life that is based on self-sufficiency and renewable solutions.

The Nolla cabin runs entirely on renewable energy, with the exception of the stove. Solar panels on the northwest side of the roof produce electricity that provides lights and outlets for the cabin. The panels do not generate noise, pollution, or burden their surroundings in any way. This is especially important as the cabin is designed for natural habitats.


Photo via Neste


Pack The Cabin Honey! We Going On A Trip

Are these Nolla cabin’s a gimmick or another example of a growing trend? Hard to say. But the project does speak to important themes of sustainability and affordability. Could these cabins provide more people the dream of holiday home? The Nolla cabin inspires minimal lifestyles that focus more on enjoying the surrounding nature. A sustainable lifestyle powered by renewable energy that doesn’t break the bank.

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