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The New City of Guayaquil
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The New City of Guayaquil

The New City of Guayaquil

A unique opportunity has been presented to the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador. The José Joaquin de Olmedo airport will be relocated outside the limits of the city in order to expand the facility and increase the number of international passengers that the airport can handle. This will leave 240 hectares of free land to be disposed at the will of the Ecuadorians.

The Winning Bid

With such a great opportunity to turn Guayaquil into a 21st century city, the municipality of Guayaquil has assembled a competition inviting international companies to present  designs for a new perspective of the Ecuadorian city.

Perkins Eastman, an American architecture company, won the tender called in 2017 and presented the whole concept in April of 2018.

The perspective is designed to address the city of Guayaquil’s biggest issues.

Guayaquil is a place that was originally conceived as a city between rivers, but due to overpopulation, the city has lost its essence. Perkins Eastman’s  designs will aim to rebuild Guayaquil’s essence as a city created right beside to multiple rivers, more connected to its natural resources.


Designs courtesy of Perkins Eastman


What Will The City Have?

The designs create three distinct districts in the new city of Guayaquil, Garden, Marina, and Central.

The Garden district is intended to create a harmonized space of 100 hectares of green areas, recreation spots, a botanical garden, a culture and arts building, a sports center, and a huge central lake that aims to act as a water reservoir during the winter season.


Designs courtesy of Perkins Eastman



The Central district will be the downtown of the city and will have a convention center with science and arts exhibits from all over the world.

Then there will be the Marina district which will connect the city to the Guayas River with an amazing view that could be seen from the port or the riverfront. Reconnecting the city with one of its most prized natural resources.


Designs courtesy of Perkins Eastman


How Will People Move Around?

The city is developed to make transportation easier for citizens. The design includes local buses, bike and pedestrian routes, a circulation road, two connections to previously existing bus rapid transit (BRT) routes and an exclusive connection directly to the new airport located outside of the city.  

Furthermore, the city plans to create  two new ferries that will be located at the Marina district and at the Garden district to connect with the islet El Palmar to the other side of the the river. Additionally, the new concept is intended to release the traffic stresses for Guayaquil. Traffic from the airport made car congestion a huge issues for the cities residents.


Designs courtesy of Perkins Eastman


What Sustainable Changes Will The City Make?

The city will count on a 25.7 MWh lithium-ion battery storage center for its back up energy use. The 6MW will represent the installed capacity of the facility, while the 25.7 MWh represents the amount of energy that the storage system can provide during a certain time. This means that the battery system would be able to provide around 4 hours of electricity to a sector of the city in case of an outage.  

Guayaquil will also count on a new wastewater treatment plant along with a tremendous storm water runoff system. It will include a rainwater harvesting system along with an automatic residual waste collection system that will recycle waste material.


Designs courtesy of Perkins Eastman


New Guayaquil

Guayaquil is in need of an improved water system. Therefore one of the main goals with these designs is to minimize the use of potable water while at the same time providing a reliable access to clean water and maximizing permeable surface areas.

Moreover, the designs look to increase and facilitate the improved mobility of citizens. Along with the further development of cultural centers and green spaces. Ultimately, making the city friendlier to citizens and tourist alike.


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