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Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded Slams Into Arab Coast
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Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded Slams Into Arab Coast

Yemen & Oman Are Rocked By Cyclone Mekunu

Late May 2018, the strongest storm ever recorded slammed into the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The storm wreaked havoc and caused flash flooding across the Arab coastline. Cyclone Mekunu primarily affected Yemen and Oman.


The category 3 hurricane dumped the equivalent of two years worth of rain in a single day on the region’s most populous cities. There are many conflicting reports regarding the number of deaths and missing persons due to the storm. CNN reports as many as, 11 people died and 45 people missing due to the storm.



By all accounts this kind of weather is an anomaly for a region that’s known more for its dry sandy deserts than its hurricane activity. This storm exposed the disaster ready-ness of both Yemen and Oman.

Yemen in particular – is already facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises according to the United Nations. Since the Arab Spring in 2011 the country has faced a civil war within its borders as rivaling fractions battle for count role of the country. This has put a strain on the countries resources and institutions.


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