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NYC’s Largest Rooftop Farm
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NYC’s Largest Rooftop Farm

NYC's Lsrget Rooftop Farms

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Above the streets of the concrete jungle lie scenes that one would not expect to find in one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Networks of rooftop farms are sprouting way above the NYC streets. Often completely out of sight of the people that walk the streets everyday. You wouldn’t even realize they were there unless you know what you are looking for.


Photo by John Alvarez


A rather remarkable feet given open space isn’t exactly abundant in NYC. One of NYC’s largest individual farms lives atop a 12 story building which is home to manufacturing spaces and art studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


Photo via Brooklyn Grange


The farm at the Navy Yard is the second farm developed by the Brooklyn Grange group. With other rooftop farms in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and Astoria, Queens. The farm in the Navy Yard was installed in 2012 and spans 65,000 sq ft. It sits atop a twelve stories building with panoramic views of the lower Manhattan skyline and the East River. The Navy Yard farm doesn’t just produce tons of produce, it also manages over one million gallons of storm water each year. Easing the burden on the overtaxed Red Hook Wastewater Pollution Control Plant.


Photo by John Alvarez


The farms proximity to the city gives it access to a market of over 8 million people and countless restaurants looking for fresh locally grown produce. The farm produces over 80,000 pounds of produce each year which it distributes to local restaurants and markets throughout NYC.


In addition to growing and distributing fresh vegetables and herbs, the Brooklyn Grange also hosts events and provides educational programs where the group leverages their expertise from developing and running their own farms to consult clients on designing, installing, and maintaining green spaces all over the world. The business also operates an apiary, keeping bees in dozens of naturally-managed hives, on roofs, backyards, and nooks dispersed throughout NYC.


Photo by John Alvarez

All in all, providing a diverse set of products and services that focus on traditional industries that often get ignored in our era of blazing technology. In the process proving that local and organic concepts can also thrive in big cities not just in rural towns.

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