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Most Sustainable Transportation Systems Around the World
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Most Sustainable Transportation Systems Around the World

Sustainable Transportation

Cities around the globe are facing enormous pressure to maintain sustainable transportation systems. Transportation being a huge factor determining the quality of life for populations living in urban areas.

Which cities are doing the best job at addressing these pressures in innovative and sustainable ways? Arcadia a consultancy for natural and built assets looked to explore this question further with its 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

Their research examined 100 global cities across 23 factors to give an indicative ranking of the mobility and sustainability of their transportation systems. The factors ranged from system connectivity and environmental impact, to affordability and financial stability.

Hong Kong earned the top spot due to the 12.6 million passenger journeys every day. It is also cheap by international standards and it accounts for 90 percent of all daily journeys in the Asian metropolis, the highest rate of any city in the world.

The rest of the top-10 was dominated by cities in Europe with Zürich, Paris, Prague, Vienna, London, Stockholm and Frankfurt all present. European cities all scored well with categories related to environmental impact and overall emission levels.

The most noteworthy US city in the ranking was New York, though it only came 23rd overall. That might actually be surprising to some New Yorkers who lose a collective 35,000 hours every weekday waiting for trains that do not show up. Nevertheless, NYC did generally well as its subway system is very extensive and operates 24 hours.

Top 10 ten cities in sustainable transport:

1. Hong Kong

2. Zurich

3. Paris

4. Seoul

5. Prague

6. Vienna

7. London

8. Singapore

9. Stockholm

10. Frankfurt

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