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Monkey pox: the United States wishes to vaccinate contact cases of infected people


Despite the few confirmed cases, Americans do not want to take any risks and want to stem the spread of the disease.

The United States wants to strike hard to prevent monkeypox from spreading in their country. For this they want to vaccinate people who have been in contact with an infected person.

For the moment, only five confirmed cases have been identified, but the United States does not want to take any risks.

Distribution of vaccines

Incidentally, the CDC, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, said on Monday 23 but during a press conference that it was appropriate to “maximize the distribution of vaccines to those we know that they would benefit.”

So all known contact cases such as relatives but also caregivers who took care of patients infected with the disease.

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The United States already has 100 million doses of one of the two smallpox vaccines, ACAM2000, but which would not be recommended for immunocompromised people, as Franceinfo reports.

For the other vaccine, Jynneos, more suitable for immunocompromised people, the doses are smaller, 1,000 for the time being, but the United States has already planned that they will obtain it quickly.

According to the scientists, administering the vaccine immediately after exposure to the virus would prevent the development of the disease, so according to these data the United States would like to opt for this method to avoid any spread.

Different measures depending on the country

vigilance is required in countries around the world. As monkeypox begins to spread, some countries are already opting for certain measures.

As Spain has already planned to supply itself with vaccines or even Belgium which has decided to confine infected people for three weeks…

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