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Highlights From Solar Power International 2017
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Highlights From Solar Power International 2017

Solar Power International

This year’s Solar Power International Convention was much smaller than previous years. We can probably contribute this to the gloom around renewable energy legislation. Donald Trump and his administration aren’t doing the solar industry any favors at the moment.

Nonetheless there were a number of innovative exhibitors this year showing us what the future of solar energy holds! Here were some notable themes and exhibitors from this year’s convention.



Huawei, the Chinese brand made a big splash this year at SPI its smart home offerings to take your home or office into the year 3050.  The networking and telecommunications company is using its expertise to connect your appliances for smart energy demand management.

Control and monitor your energy demand with the push of a button from anywhere your lifestyle takes you.


Another Chinese player showcased its latest innovations with its flexible thin film solar panels. It displayed a variety of uses cases for its innovative product. These flexible panels can be used to cover clay tiles, wrap around polygons, fitted on planes, and even have uses in fashion.

The company claims these panels operate with about 14% efficiency which puts it right up there with most standard mono-crystalline solar panels.


Energy storage companies were on full display this year. There was a strong presence from China in particular. It seems electronic manufactures from the region that are typically know for its mass production abilities are jumping into the energy storage game to provide affordable solutions.


Along with the variety of Chinese exhibitors there were several well-known brands showcasing their energy storage solutions at SPI. The brand I am talking about is Mercedes Benz. Yes, the German car manufacturing is jumping into the energy storage game with its own line of batteries for residential and commercial use. Seems like a logistical step for a company who’s future seems to be increasingly electric.



Then there is Tesla. While Elon Musk’s company had no official representation at SPI – its Tesla vehicles were on full display. Tesla and its subsidiary, Solar City, have a history of little participation at SPI but that didn’t stop exhibitors from showcasing how its

solutions fit right in with an electric vehicle.








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